489 and counting

This post makes number 489.  I’m trying to think of something cool for my 500th post, but I’m not sure what to do. I feel a giveaway is in order – perhaps something with my very fancy new MOXYWARES tag!

drawstring bag-4

That was a fun little drawstring bag I made for my niece’s 11th birthday…the blue linen was in the remnant bin at Joann’s! I got about 1.5 yards for like $6. Awesome. But I digress…maybe a box bag for a giveaway? A boxbag with some fun fat quarters inside?

Give me your thoughts.

In TV news, I’ve been watching all kinds of stuff – good and not so. On the good list: True Blood. Love it. I’m all caught up and can’t wait for the next episode. Also good: Eureka is back on – always good. And a new great show on SyFy – Warehouse 13. Crazy gadgets, funny dialogue, crime-stopping girl/boy duo.

In the not-so-good (but I’m habitually watching anyway) category, we’ve got pretty much all of the ABC Family shows. I actually think Secret Life of the American Teenager is pretty good, but I’d like to fire one or two actors and replace them with better ones. I love the little sister, though.

I think I saw the best “worst scene” ever on Make It or Break It. I think it was on the 2nd episode. If you, like most people over the age of 15, are not watching this show, it’s loosely based on the film Stick It, which I loved. Elite gymnasts working towards the Olympics, catty teen girl relationships, blah blah blah. So anyway, there was a scene where the gymnasts were at a gas station and these punk guys were coming towards them (with brown bag bottles in their hands) making rude comments. The lead girl says “follow me” and they start cartwheeling and roundoffing towards the bad guys. The guys stumble backwards, saying some crazy stuff like, “whoa, that was some superhero stuff or somethin’!” So silly. I feel everyone must watch this scene.

I watched the first episode of 10 Things I Hate About You – another show based on a movie – and thought it was pretty good. The lead girl is great.

I’ve been reading some good books also. I just finished Sarah Dessen’s latest, Along For the Ride. Cute YA book. I also finished a Nora Roberts series about witches…Charmed, Entranced, Captivated…I can’t remember the last one. Pretty good. I’m not a full fledged Nora follower yet, but her books are quick, enjoyable reads.

We also just came back from a big road trip to Montana, but it’s too late to tell that story tonight :)

Book #32 Just Listen

Just ListenJust Listen by Sarah Dessen. Thanks for all of you that recommended this one! Loved it. Great coming of age story – I especially loved the sisters and Owen. But my favorite part was all the references to other Dessen books. It made me want to go back and reread them. But I won’t. Too many other books to read.

About this book though – it deals with a lot of teen issues: eating disorders, sexual assault, regular angst, anger management, etc. I loved Owen’s little anger management-isms…they’ve proven quite helpful in my much-older-than-teen life.

Another great YA read. Highly recommended.


Book #19

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen(Book Binge book #9) The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. I loved this book! I started it yesterday, and of course, stayed up all night reading it. At first (the first 20 pages), I thought I wasn’t going to like it, and then the catering team was introduced, and I was hooked. What a great cast of broken but wonderful characters! Good job, Sarah!

Highly recommended – for fans of fiction about family, loss, love. Easily could be for a YA or adult audience.

Also, if you’re into controlling your environment like I am, this book is a nice wake up call that a little chaos goes a long way towards improving things.

Book #16

Someone Like You on Amazon.com(Book Binge book #6) Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen. After about a million recommendations that Sarah Dessen was THE YA author to read, I picked up her first novel. I had originally thought it was part of a two book series, because this book and her next book, That Summer, were the basis of the Mandy Moore movie How To Deal. Anyway, it’s not a series, much to my disappointment.

I loved both Scarlett and Hallie…very touching characters. Sometimes the teen angst of YA novels annoys me, but it was okay in this book. Hallie went through some ups and downs with her mom, but it all seemed very real. The teen pregnancy story line was troubling, but it seemed like Scarlett had a great support system. I would have loved to see what Michael’s parents’ reaction was to the news that they would have a grandchild.

So I really liked this book, but I took the other Sarah Dessen books I had back to the library. I need some intrigue after all these mushy romance and coming-of-age novels. But that will have to wait until book #18.