Reality (TV) Check…

I decided to comment weekly on the various reality shows. I’ll keep it kind of short, even though I really have pages worth of opinions on some of them…

So You Think You Can Dancehok

By far, my favorite reality show ever. Although the judges are a little annoying, the dancers really are so talented. And how awesome is it for this country to have a renewed interest in dance – and not just booty-shaking, dirty dancing, but real choreography. (Not to say that dirty booty-shaking isn’t choreographed, but I’m glad to see a little variety on my TV screen.)

So here’s what I think so far. I wasn’t sad at all to see Ricky and Ashley go. They looked pretty crazy doing the Argentine Tango – she did look a lot bigger than him. I don’t understand why she was in such high heels. The emotion on Dominic and Cedric’s faces when they were in the bottom three was a little heartbreaking – I will hate it when one of them eventually gets voted off. So far, my favorite guys are Cedric and Hok – because of their tryouts. We’ll see who stands out during all the different styles. I still think Hok is such an amazing entertainer – I can’t take my eyes off of him, even when they have him being the dog (which I thought was terrible.)

As for the girls – I have to give props to my hometown girl, Jessi. She said she was from Rockledge, FL, and then the announcer said she was from Cocoa Beach. It’s all Brevard County, so I automatically like her for that. Plus, she’s pretty awesome. But I have to say my most favorite is Lacey. I hope they stop playing up her brother, and start focusing on her talent – which she has in spades. I also like that she doesn’t have a perfect dancer’s body. Some dancers look great because they have fabulous long legs even if they’re not the best. Lacey doesn’t have those blessings, but you don’t even notice when she’s dancing – you just see her performance.

Pirate Master

Haven’t even watched it. Seems like a lame Survivor knockoff in time for the new Pirates of the Carribbean movie.

On the Lot

I’ve been kind of watching this one, but I have been really underwhelmed. I love Carrie Fisher and Garry Marshall, but that’s about it. The spokes-model/host is super irritating to me, but I think her awkward hugs/kisses/crashes with the contestants are always funny.

Top Chef

So far so good – I liked the first episode. I already like Tre, Hung and Sandee. I already hate Joey. We’ll see what they cook up.

My Life on the D-List

Kathy Griffin is the best. I HATED her on Suddenly Susan – I thought she was sooo irritating. But I started watching D-List in the first season, and watching her comedy shows on Bravo, and she’s hilarious. Smart, quick, honest…I love her. If you like pop culture stuff, you should check her out. Even if you’ve always thought she was irritating. She really grows on you. But watch out – she has a serious potty mouth. I think it’s part of her charm :)

I think those are the only ones I’m watching…I can’t think of any more right now. Leave a comment if I’m missing a good one!

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  1. I’m a huge SYTYCD fan too. I agree…Ashley was so HUGE up there dancing with Ricky. I like Mohawk Guy and Cute Little Blonde Guy. As for girls I like Lacie and Hot Russion Chick. I can’t remember any of their names!

  2. Stephanie says:

    i told you, you wouldn’t be disappointed in who left sytycd last night. ricky was a total weirdo (parabola? PLEASE! there’s a reason why i stopped math after calculus –i never wanted to think about it again.) you should look at his profile on the show’s web site . . . he filled it out like it was a nerd camp application or something.

    wednesday i felt bad for ashley for being paired with him because she has such a positive attitude and natural, happy face when she dances. but when she had to dance for her life last night, she ended up looking a odd with too stylized arms for my taste.

    didn’t you think the opening number was so mod and smooth? i loved those dresses the ladies were wearing. i read in one of my british fashion magazines i bought for inspiration that shift dresses look good on anyone. so when i saw a black and white one on sale at bebe last week, i bought it. i hope it doesn’t look like a mumu on me!

  3. Stephanie says:

    speaking of other reality shows, i love hell’s kitchen. i wish that asian guy would quit crying though. he makes me embarrassed for him!

  4. Stephanie says:

    oh yeah, and you told me to watch my life on the d-list last year, and i still haven’t gotten to it. (is it on cable?) i’m one of the ones who told you i couldn’t stand kathy griffin.

    perhaps this is another reason why i should get cable.

    what was i watching last night on tv that made me realize cable might be a good investment? oh yeah, sytycd. i realized when i was watching that hip-hop artist (who i enjoyed) that i miss watching the dancing in music videos. . .

    and that maybe if i started watching music videos again, i’d get inspired to find a dance studio around here that i truly enjoy attending–now that i have enough time for a hobby.

    yup–sounds like justification for cable to me! hmm . . . what about hdtv?

  5. Allison, I had to go onto the website and look up their names (all except for Hok, who I loved last year when he wasn’t legal!)

    Stephanie, you crack me up. Get cable already! I also loved their dresses, but I argue the claim that they would look good on anyone – namely me. Don’t bother getting cable for the music videos – there aren’t any. Only reality shows like “My stupid 16” and “Trashy people on a bus dating for money” or something like that. The only music channel showing videos is CMT, and they don’t really dance during the crooning/boot scooting.

    Get cable for Bravo, HDTV, Food Network and Nickelodeon (Hi 5!).

  6. oh yeah, and call me old fashioned, but I’m a fan of pointed toes. I did not like Ashley’s weird, flailing, interpretive, angular jig. Or her dress. But she is pretty.

  7. Stephanie says:

    “weird, flailing, interpretive, angular jig” is a PERFECT description of her style. hehe.

  8. That’s the writer in me…and the skinny little dancer trying to get out!

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