Today I purchased 16 domain names and got one free. I also chose a webhost that so far, I’m happy with. Although I haven’t really done anything yet. But they have a live chat support person who has been very patient with my annoying (and retarted) questions.

So, today I spent approximately $206 on my business ventures.

I’m writing two business plans to enter in a contest at the CC. The winner gets $1000! I could really use that money. Plans are due by Mar. 1 – eek!

Here’s where I’m at with accumulating costs…

  • I priced my post card marketing plan, and the mailing list alone is going to cost about $700. But with that list, I’ll get direct access (via mail) to over 7,000 businesses. Not bad.
  • The postcards will also be about $700 probably if I use color – which of course I will.
  • Then there’s postage. I may have to go to the post office to get the scoop on that. Their website info is a little hard to understand. I felt like I was back in the Army trying to decipher boring regulations.
  • Then there’s labels – do I print them? If I order mailing labels with my direct mail list, it almost doubles the cost! If I buy them – I could probably buy a gross wholesale or something…I need to check eBay for that. But then what? Print them on my printer? That sounds expensive and wasteful. But getting them printed sounds expensive too. I’ll have to find out the price of printing vs. the price of my ink cartridges.

Anyway, I’m on my way. I may need to think of another solution to get the word out rather than direct mail. But we’ll see.

Looking forward to getting my sites up with “coming soon” messages and Google Ads making me a little start up money.

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