baby treasure

My mother-in-law is moving to the states from Paris this summer. I’m super excited for her new U.S.deux par deux on adventure to start, but I’m really sad that William won’t be getting any cute Paris clothes from her anymore. Luckily, he’s still got a few things to grow into, including the best little preppy coat – a sweet little brown canvas pea coat. She really gets the best stuff, and it’s always stuff that we’d never see here.

kate mack butterfly dressI did find a website recently with some really cute stuff – children’s boutique clothing on The Kate Mack stuff actually makes me want to have a girl, even though I never thought that would be the case! Look at this butterfly dress…it’s like the perfect little baby fairy princess dress!

I’m definitely more of an Old Navy and Target kind of girl. That’s why I really appreciated the French clothes from my mother in law – it was stuff I would never have the good taste to find on my own. But sites like moppetfrocks are good because I can get children’s boutique clothes without changing out of my Target pajamas.

Of course, as usual, there is way more stuff for girls than boys. Like that super cute denim dress. But it’s fun to look!

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