more grey areas

I’d like to see this entire interview, and I’ll be looking for future ones.┬áListen to Rev. Wright…does he sound like some kind of maniac? I think he sounds perfectly reasonable – a veteran, an educated man who has spent his life in service to the Lord.

I’m going to have to look into the whole thing a little more, because the right is sure making a huge stink about it, no matter what Obama says.

I’ve certainly been in some crazy-ass Southern Baptist churches that have been absolutely insulting to women, well beyond what is supported by scripture. One Southern Baptist preacher actually said women in the military┬ádo different push ups then the men. This is not true, by the way. I was personally outraged.

Basically, there are wierdos everywhere. And pastors can’t be an exception – they’re just people – just like every other crazy out there.

Is it meaningful that Obama has been sitting in this guy’s church for 20 years? Maybe. But Barack is a thinking man, not a mindless sheep. Didn’t Billy Graham serve as spiritual leader for several presidents even though he was a serious anti-semitic for a long time (until he repented, of course)?

Listen for yourselves.

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