More favorites…food, food, food

We’ve been eating some good stuff at my house lately, and I thought I’d share it with you other harried moms. First off, my most favorite new product (about a year old, I think):


Bertolli frozen dinner in a skillet meals. There are a few different flavors of the pasta with meat, then there are a few selections of just pasta. Our favorites are the fettucini and the chicken florentine and farfalle. Awesome. Dump the bag into a skillet and ten minutes later is the best meal with only one dirty pan.

I just went on their site looking for the right name of the one I love and noticed a $2 coupon you can print. Definitely worth the effort, because they run on the expensive side ($7 a bag), unless you catch them on sale. I usually buy a few when I catch them on sale.

The portions are not huge, but it’s the perfect amount for my husband and I. Or just me when I’m feeling like eating a big bowl of pasta. Although, then I feel guilty after.

Next favorite: Flat Earth chips. Yum. So far I’ve only tried the farmland cheddar kind, but they are awesome, and my son loves them too. Looking forward to trying the fruit flavors. They’re made with all kinds of veggies and baked, so they’re not too bad for you at all. (As a side note, as I was searching for their site for an image, I found the Flat Earth Society – who believes the Earth is flat and that the whole round idea is a wild government conspiracy. Could be, right?)

Final favorite: The green smoothie – thanks to Moxie. I’ve changed up her recipe a little. I put a container of Horizon organic vanilla milk, about 1.5 cups fresh spinach, a banana, and about .5 cups frozen fruit (tropical fruit bag – mangos, pineapple and strawberries) – blend it all up in the food processor. Awesome. You can’t even taste the spinach! What a great way to eat my fruits and veggies. Highly recommended.

Thats it for today. Let me know if you try any of these…or if you have a fast favorite of your own!

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