Inn Love

chateau la rueI really want to go and stay at Tori and Dean’s Chateau La Rue. I know there are ton’s of California bed and breakfast options, but I’d love to have that experience. I appreciate them trying to have a normal life, working hard, building a business, etc. But I wonder how many people are going there just so they can say, “Tori Spelling cooked me breakfast.” I bet Tori and Dean don’t really care as long as the rooms are filled.

I drove by it the other day, and it’s hard to see from the road, but I was too shy to get closer. I hate to infringe on people. But isn’t that silly? If it was any other B&B, I’d drive right up. It’s hard to get past the fact that I watched Tori as Donna for years, and have always enjoyed her terrible Lifetime movies.

They were on Ellen the other day, and I thought they were so cute. Tori looked awesome – none of the baby fat she’s had all through Inn Love. I wish Ellen had had more time with them. The interview was super short.

Did she not inherit anything from her mega-rich dad? I didn’t follow the story at all, but I know on Inn Love they talk about money worries. Seems crazy.

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  1. That show is on the top of my guilty pleasures list– it’s very fun. And it does make me like both of them quite bit — they’ve got a sense of humor about things. How fun that you can drive right by!

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