vertical blinds

I’m really not crazy about vertical blinds. It seems like every house and apartment I’ve lived in has had either vertical blinds or the regular skinny little horizontal plastic blinds. I hate all of these. I want curtains. I want plantation shutters. I want a home of my own that I can decorate.

There are so many cool options these days. Not just for blinds, but for cool drapery poles with fun finials. As I get better at sewing, I hope I’m acquiring the skills needed to create some custom draperies for our home. One day we’ll have our own, and I’m going to make it nice. With no vertical blinds.

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  1. Having priced curtains I am opting to make my own. I’d love plantation shutters but I can make a whole room full of curtains for the cost on one shutter! I do love to choose those finials! Watch for sales at Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn — or make some out of found objects. Another good reason to hang out at antique shops and thrift shops!

  2. Oh, I love Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. I also love Pottery Barn Kids. I save the catalogs so I can copy the quilts and curtains someday. They’re always really simple patterns. Thanks for all your nice comments, Lin!

  3. My parents have louvers/plantation shutters, and those things cost a pretty penny to outfit their two-story digs! The thing is, I don’t like them as much. They are too . . . permanent. I prefer the idea of curtains because you can change the decor more often, less expensively. I have the standard mini-blinds in my condo and often dream of either removing them completely or replacing them with curtains. The removing them completely thing suits my minimalistic ideals, however, I also like being in very few clothes, and the thought of someone seeing me in my “around the house” attire is not something I relish!

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