My husband is always saying he needs a hobby. I’m not sure when he thinks he’ll do this hobby, because he’s always at work, driving to or from work, or sleeping. He enjoys golf, but doesn’t get to play as often as he’d like. He likes to go to hobby shops and dream of having […]


I am a lazy person. I do most things at about a 70% effort level. Maybe less. I rationalize everything, which probably lowers my effort level (except for the level of effort involved in creating the rationalization.) BUT, I accomplish a lot. This baffles me. My husband seems to think I am a creative genius, […]

Street Safe

My husband likes ninjas. He likes to shout “Krav Maga!” and pretend to hit things. It’s all a show. The only actual hand-to-hand combat training he’s had is the same training I’ve had. About three hours of instruction at basic training (I got to flip someone!). But its still fun to play like he’s a […]

Wealth Expo

From Oct. 19 – 20, investors and entrepreneurs are invited to attend this year’s Wealth Expo, sponsored by MyWallSt.net: Your Financial Social Network. This three-day conference, located at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City, features keynote speeches from well-known investment professionals including Money Coach Jean Chatzky, seen on The Oprah Winfrey Show, […]

North Carolina

Something funny is going on. I guess since I’ve been talking about our upcoming vacation to Alabama and North Carolina so much on here, it seems the folks at PayU2Blog think this is a North Carolina blog. By posting this link for Raleigh personal injury attorneys, I have now completed four North Carolina-related sponsored posts. […]

Model Homes: Free entertainment

It seems like we go to model homes every weekend lately. We really want our own house. Yesterday, we saw one great one, and a lot of crappy ones. Our favorite was a four bedroom, two-story house with one bedroom downstairs kind of behind the kitchen, and the other three upstairs. This behind the kitchen […]