Model Homes: Free entertainment

It seems like we go to model homes every weekend lately. We really want our own house. Yesterday, we saw one great one, and a lot of crappy ones. Our favorite was a four bedroom, two-story house with one bedroom downstairs kind of behind the kitchen, and the other three upstairs. This behind the kitchen thing seems to be a trend. I think it’s a perfect spot for a guest room. The house also had a big dining nook and a formal dining room. I’m not a fan of the formal dining room. I can see the benefits, but I don’t think we need that yet. First step, eating at a dining room table, not a coffee table.

Anyway, as usual, the conversation progressed from what we want to what we can afford. Basically, anything more than what we’re renting for now will require something like a monthly payday loan or a serious windfall.

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  1. I own a home (a fixer upper that still needs the fixing part after 20 years) but that does not stop me from my secret vice — going to open houses! I just love seeing inside homes and of course am an avid House Hunters watcher! I hope you find the house of your dreams!

  2. We love that Suzanne Wang!

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