home stretch

So, I’m unofficially counting down. My Heather Ross fabric design class is only a couple weeks away and I’m getting super excited. I really don’t know what to expect, and sadly, I have no real design ideas ready to turn into some awesome fabric. So my plan is to just soak it up.

In celebration of my upcoming class, I spent some hard earned camera strap money on a big pile of half-yard cuts of Far Far Away II. If you’re looking for it, Purl has it all (well, they did today anyway). They should arrive in a few days.

Now riddle me this – is it lame to make myself a new tote and camera strap out of it and bring it to Heather’s class? Is that too hero-worshippy? I feel like this is one of those things “if you have to ask…” I mean, basically, I can’t play it cool. I seriously don’t know how. I might as well go to class in Munki Munki pjs.

Giveaway! Win a Camera Strap with Moxy!

In my fervor to make the 10 straps for the Casual Blogger Conference, I ended up making 11! So, I’ll be giving away the extra one on Friday, April 30. To enter to win this lovely handmade dslr/slr camera strap, made with my current favorite KEI Honeycomb fabric, you have to do three things:

* Become a Moxywares fan on Facebook. (I think you just hit ‘like’ now.)

* Join/Sign in to follow my blog in the top right corner.

* Leave a comment on this post.

Deadline to enter is noon pacific on Friday, April 30. Good luck! And thanks for stopping by!

**Update – Congrats to the winner, Janice! Comments are now closed.**

Casual Bloggers Conference

I got a message from LeeLou requesting camera straps for the Casual Bloggers Conference, and although I’m only donating 10, I feel like the conference peeps will be stoked to get them in their goodie bag – unless they don’t have a DSLR camera. What do you think of my packaging? My days as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator really come in handy sometimes. Thanks for the piles of leftover supplies, Stampin’ Up!

Moxywares_CBC goodie bags-09

Moxywares_CBC goodie bags-10

Moxywares_CBC goodie bags-01

big fabric sale and giveaway

Over at I Have to Say, Randi is having a big Spring Cleaning sale in her Etsy shop, Fresh Squeezed Fabric (a long time favorite of mine!), and a gift certificate giveaway on her blog. 20% off everything in her shop until Monday, April 5th.  She’s got lots of great stuff! And I envy that picture of her shop. I dream of a room like that, filled with bolts of fabric.

sweat shop

Big production line weekend around here. I managed to make a bunch of new straps for the shop. I didn’t manage to make half of what I hoped to, so I clearly need to speed up the process. My slow progress may be caused by watching the whole first season of LA Ink on Netflix while sewing :)

strap stack

The good news is that I finally figured out how to make the vinyl move a little more smoothly under my foot (sewing machine foot, that is). Apparently, my trying to FORCE it or sew it really fast is all wrong! Which I learned by doing that repeatedly, having terrible results, and having to seam-rip the vinyl off and start over.

So, then I started sewing very slowly, and barely holding on to the vinyl, not pushing at all, and it fed through just fine! Who knew?!

camera straps-17

I also had my quality tester make sure all the straps were up to standard :)

quality tester-3

quality tester-4

Boys are difficult.

los novios muertos by alexander henry

As soon as I posted a few camera straps, I had requests for boy-appropriate fabric. Don’t boys want to carry little tiny Wizard of Oz characters? I guess not. So this week, I brought my son, and we looked and looked for something cool. This is not really in the spirit of stashbusters, but I have to sew a bunch of straps on Saturday to stock the shop, so I deemed it a necessity. It really doesn’t matter, though, because the only kind of cool thing I found was this Alexander Henry Los Novios Muertos fabric. And it’s kind of girly! I think if I fussy cut some of the skulls, and do a mostly solid strap, it may work.

I also remembered that I had some different colors of corduroy in my stash that I think will work well. It’s tough to find fabric for men that isn’t cliche or cheesy. I think I’m going to be better off doing some color-block patchwork…like the grey cord with a strip of black or a black strap with a strip of blue at one end. We’ll see. Oh, and I’ve got some of my Army uniforms to repurpose as well.

Boys, are you sure you don’t love Denyse Schmidt or Heather Ross like the rest of us?

Sold! And Treasure, too!

I’m pretty excited – I sold 3 camera straps yesterday!!! The two Denyse Schmidt ones went right away, which doesn’t surprise me. I need to make some more of those RIGHT AWAY. And an owl strap is making its way to Poland! So awesome! My sales were to NY, LA and Poland…how’s that for a little internet shop? Super cool.

I’m working on my packaging – what do you think? It’s not perfect, but without making any kind of big investment – I think it looks nice.


And even more exciting, my most wonderfullest friend, Pancockies, sent me a box of Munki Munki treasure. When I was on my serious Munki hunt a few weeks ago, she took up the challenge and scoured her own Marshalls…all the way in the Sunshine State! She found these adorable kittens, which I believe, are the find of the century. She also found a lovely shoes robe and a couple sets of coffee pjs. She is the BEST! Think a coffee camera strap is a good idea?