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I’m a long-time listener of Slate’s Political Gabfest podcast. One of the commentators – David Plotz (Slate’s Editor)- recently published a book…Good Book. Well, Audible is a sponsor of the Gabfest, and they give new subscribers a free audiobook if you go to Since I’m a long-time Audible subscriber, this never benefited me. But, the Gabfest must have gotten enough complaints about this, because David Plotz is giving his book away for one week.

So, until Friday, May 29, 2009, you can download Good Book from Audible for free. Here’s the link:

I’m halfway through it and have been totally entertained, all while feeling only slightly blasphemous. But I recommend it. And you can’t beat FREE. Here’s the NY Times review of Good Book. I’m normally NOT a fan of the author reading his/her own work for audiobooks, but this one is so far, so good.

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  1. Thanks, Abi. I’d love to have your recommendations for good audio books &/or readers.

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