big sewing weekend

My sweet husband let me sew all weekend. It was awesome. I made a whole quilt – start to finish. Well, I still have to hand-stitch the binding, but still. I used a pack of 12 fat quarters (fabric is Medetai by Hoodie for Blank Quilting), trimmed them down to 17.5″ square and sewed them together. Super simple and easy. And nice for showing off cool fabric. I think the finished size is about 60″ x 80″.

fat quarter quilt

fat quarter quilt

Then, from the scraps, I made a little purselette from a pattern I had from Fig Tree quilts. The finished product is much bigger than I expected, but it was a pretty easy pattern, and I love how it came out.

scrappy purslette

Surprise, Stephanie, these are for you. But I couldn’t wait to post the pictures. :)

One major drawback – I free-motion quilted the whole thing, and after one of the bobbin changes, the tension was off. I didn’t realize this until the NEXT bobbin change, so the back of the quilt was a huge mess. Even I, the sloppiest quilter ever, couldn’t leave those awful stitches, so I ripped them all out. SO much wasted thread. But no biggie. It looked much better after I redid the quilting. Here are some pictures.



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  1. Ugh! I don’t know if to hate you or love you, you are genius, GENIUS with your hands! :o)

  2. Well, you’re a genius with your brain, soon-to-be Dr., so we’re even :)

  3. Love the fabric & that little bag! Too darn cute.

  4. I love a little purselette. So cute.
    I like your quilt aswell. Can I use your picture on my blog? Thank you! Hoodie

  5. Of course! And thanks for the kind words and AWESOME fabric :)

  6. there are potholders too…I used every bit of my fat quarter pack :)


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