My kid likes to rock

My three year old only likes rock music. The faster and louder, the more yell-y, the better. I can’t even identify the artists, it’s so far out of my personal taste range. But I’ll flip through the radio, and he’ll say, “YEAH! That one!” He pulls up his lip exaclty like Billy Idol, although I’m positive he’s never actually seen Billy Idol, and start banging his head and playing air guitar.

Where does he get this?

So today, after one loud, yell-y song mercifully ended, I changed the radio station and “That’s What Friends are For” came on an easy listening station. He slumped over in his car seat and made the saddest face ever, like I just took all of his toys and was torturing him. Super dramatic.

I believe part of the love for cheesy rock comes from listening to many, many Power Rangers theme songs. They seem to mostly be of the cheesy rock pursuasion. I must admit, I love them too. Especially Mystic Force and Jungle Fury. Very catchy. Although, those two are newer and not really rock.

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