Mad about Mad Men and other shows

I’ve been watching Mad Men on iTunes…let me just say, AWESOME! I love the characterization, I love the drama…I REALLY love the glimpse at how far the womens’ liberation movement has really brought us! This show is perfect for Hillary’s campaign. The last episode I saw is the one where the account guys are at a loss with how to sell lipstick, so they say, “I’m not a moron, let’s get a moron’s point of view. Let’s give it to the chickens.” Where they proceed to shuffle all the women into a focus group room and let them try on all the shades while they gawk and make rude comments. It was a little disgusting to watch, but I couldn’t turn away. And the women were just as sad as the men. When they used the word brainstorm, one girl says, “Oh no, that sounds hard. Is it like a test?” But of course, Peggy doesn’t play their game. I can’t wait to see what happens with Peggy.

We’ve also been watching – and loving – New Amsterdam on Fox. At first I thought I wasn’t going to like the storyline, but I actually love it. I love when he flashes back to another year and especially when he talks about the past in the present.

I was excited about The Return of Jezebel James, because I loved Gilmore Girls, and I love Parker Posey, but I’m not that crazy about it. The dialogue is kind of lame, and the whole thing is a little exhausting, but not in the same funny way that Gilmore Girls was. The jury is still out, really.

I’m also quickly losing interest in American IdolTop Chef started back up, and it’s pretty good so far, and I’m looking forward to Step It Up and Dance, although, I’m not a huge fan of Elizabeth Berekley.

Any shows we should be watching?

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  1. Love New Amsterdam! How ’bout that family tree, huh? I’m not crazy about the doc or his partner, but Omar is great. It’s a keeper, for sure.

    American Idol? I called it David Cook & Carly as the final 2 about 3 weeks ago. I’m still convinced that, if they can physically survive till then, they’ll be the last 2 standing.

    Dancing with the stars; not seeing any excitement this time around, although it’s anybody’s guess what it will take to puncture poor Priscillas puffy punum.

    I’m recording & watching Homicide: Life on the Street on Sleuth. I can’t believe how funny it is!

  2. Oh yes, Carly is my numero uno! Her song last night was awesome…every once in a while, I think Simon gets it wrong. I think David Cook is good, but I still fast forward him…that’s my American Idol litmus test. Do I want to FF? No votes for you! Carly and David Archuleta are the only ones I don’t regularly fast forward. And Syesha…she’s pretty good, too.

    And nice alliteration on Priscilla…she’s hard to watch, that’s for sure.

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