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This weekend I’m driving my brother-in-law’s truck up to San Fran for him, and I plan to make a few quilt shop stops along the way. And while I’m a big fan of the small, local quilt shop, I’ve been branching out lately. I saw the most gorgeous quilts at Road 2 CA that were made of all these non-cotton, non-standard materials. Velvet binding. Chintz and raw silk piecing. The result was beautiful textures and colors. I’ve been looking for shops like designdivafabrics.com, that sell discount velvet upholstery fabric and other non-quilty items. The upholstery-weight stuff makes great bags…I’ve got one in the works. I want to make some new grocery bags that I can throw in the wash after I buy chicken.

As I figure out what kind of quilter I want to be, I think it’s important to branch out of the local quilt shop.

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  1. ooo let us know what the quilt shops you stop at are. i am going to San Fransico soon and will go out of my way for a good quilt shop. Thanks!

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