Here’s to the Mothers!

A small photo salute to some of the mommies in my life…

Here’s to my pretty mama, who I miss every day. That’s my awesome sister in the photo – who’s a heck of a mom also.

Here’s to my super wonderful step-mom, Sandy. She puts up with my dad, and for that, she deserves a medal! Even better, she loves me. I’m a lucky girl.

Here’s to Luchy, my lovely mother-in-law, who I’ve come to know and love and be supremely grateful for.

Here’s to my Grandma Jo, the sweetest, most wonderful grandma on the planet.

Here’s to my Grandma Grace, who died far too young and I’ve always missed knowing.

Here’s to my dad’s mom, my Nana Petters who was my kindred spirit. She taught me a great love for matching shoes and handbags and Esther Williams movies. I never met my Great Grandmother Adelaide, but I know she was well loved.

Here’s to Mama, David’s grandmother, who is feisty and funny and too far away.

There are, of course, a ton of other mothers in my life. But I don’t have all day – my husband took my son to the park! I’ve got a quilt store to go to! I just wanted to take a minute and share the special women in my life with the blogosphere. I miss you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

(p.s., this post has been a disaster. I just couldn’t get the photos and their captions laid out the way I wanted. I put in code and wordpress takes it out. So, sorry you probably don’t know who’s in what picture. The important thing is to tell the world how great they all are, right?)

mom, dad and kitty

dad and sandy

luchy and william

grandma jo and sandy

Grace and Peggy

petters 1973

mama and william

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