The joy of work

For my part-time job, I make calls. I call about 75 companies a week with different purposes. Sometimes offering market research, sometimes scheduling appointments. But all the time, I have to wade through ridiculous voice mail systems.

The worst are the companies that put the prompts for “personnel directory” at the very end. Say it first, people! I don’t have all day. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time on the phone, listening to all the prompts I don’t want, waiting for the one I need. This is hard for me. I hate my hands being idle.

When I watch TV, I crochet or hand-piece or surf the net on my laptop. But until recently, I haven’t done any of these things when I’m calling because if I don’t pay very close attention, I miss my prompt and have to wait through the whole message again.

Good news! I found a new activity that I can do while I’m making my calls. Embroidery! I’ve already completed two stichettes (from! I’ll include some pictures soon!

Embroidery really is perfect. I don’t have to count or follow a pattern or concentrate. The image is already on my fabric, my colors are already selected (because I’ve done these things in advance), and I just stitch. When I need to type or dial the phone, I stab my needle into the fabric, set the hoop in my lap, take my notes or whatever, and then pick it back up.

I’m very excited about this. Not only am I burning through this embroidery, my calling list seems to go by faster! A true accomplishment!

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  1. Hi Abi! Great that you’re working on your stitchettes-they are so cute! What kind of background do you like to use, and what type of thread? Do you use perle cotton or floss? How many strands? Looking forward to pictures of them. Did you start with the little boy with the blanket?

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