Happy New Year!

Whew! What a whirlwind. Holidays…I’m on the fence about them. Seriously. So, we’ve had company for a while, and we’ve been unpacking, and of course there was Christmas and New Years and my kid’s 5th birthday and my birthday and Thanksgiving…I’m pretty sure it’s naptime. Anyway, I got this month’s issue of Everyday Food at […]

let’s have a party!

Quick! I need cookie ideas for my son’s class THIS Friday. He’s not a big cupcake fan, and I don’t want to burden the preschool teachers with anything crazy like a full cake that needs cutting, plates, silverware, etc. I’d like to make some cool frosted cookies… One other problem – he’s not that crazy […]

Buy Handmade for the Holidays #2

Cute overload. This isn’t exactly gift items, but it bears reposting…for the picky kids in your life : http://www.cutefoodforkids.com/ Now, down to the holiday madness. Today’s theme is upper crust. Handmade isn’t your grandma’s crocheted toilet paper cover anymore. Are you as crazy for mid-century goodness as I am? Check outthe classy tree skirts at […]


How cool is that…I’m one comment away from 1000 comments! Awesome. During my brief blogging haitus due to moving from CA to TX, lots of people have been finding my free hex templates and my hand sewn hex tutorial. I love link backs (hint hint) – seeing new hex projects is super fun. Look at […]

Yee Haw!

It’s official – we’re moving to Texas. It’s actually been official for a few weeks and things have been pretty crazy around here – hence the total lack of blogging. The movers come on Tuesday, and I’m totally unprepared. Luckily, they’re doing all the packing. Lucky for me, anyway. For them – not so lucky. […]