How cool is that…I’m one comment away from 1000 comments! Awesome. During my brief blogging haitus due to moving from CA to TX, lots of people have been finding my free hex templates and my hand sewn hex tutorial. I love link backs (hint hint) – seeing new hex projects is super fun.

Look at this little bit of awesomeness – if Betty Draper Francis could sew, she’d be a member: http://midmodbee.blogspot.com/

My sewing machine, tv and tivo are all in storage. Sad, sad, sad. The upside to our extended wait for our house is that I haven’t bought any new fabric or craft books for almost 3 months! Personal record, my friends. I’m still watching a considerable amount of tv online – thank goodness for hulu.

I do have my eye on a few new books though – namely The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman (a.k.a. Oh Fransson!) and Dare to be Square Quilting by Boo Davis. Super original designs. Very, very cool.

Also, my new addiction is my nook. I’ve been blowing through all of Karen Marie Moning’s books – both the Fae and Highlander series are muy excellente!

5 Replies to “999 Comments!”

  1. Glad to see you’ve landed safely.

  2. Thanks, Sam! Hope all is well at the IE MQG!

  3. Hi,Abi! Love your blog! Looks like you are a pro. I might need some tips. Let me know if I can help you with anything. Lysa with Lysa-Savvyandsocial.com

  4. thanks for your printable page of 1.5″ hexagons!! Great to see a source like this!!

  5. Yay! Glad to see you are back!

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