Sold! And Treasure, too!

I’m pretty excited – I sold 3 camera straps yesterday!!! The two Denyse Schmidt ones went right away, which doesn’t surprise me. I need to make some more of those RIGHT AWAY. And an owl strap is making its way to Poland! So awesome! My sales were to NY, LA and Poland…how’s that for a little internet shop? Super cool.

I’m working on my packaging – what do you think? It’s not perfect, but without making any kind of big investment – I think it looks nice.


And even more exciting, my most wonderfullest friend, Pancockies, sent me a box of Munki Munki treasure. When I was on my serious Munki hunt a few weeks ago, she took up the challenge and scoured her own Marshalls…all the way in the Sunshine State! She found these adorable kittens, which I believe, are the find of the century. She also found a lovely shoes robe and a couple sets of coffee pjs. She is the BEST! Think a coffee camera strap is a good idea?



LAMQG Saturday Sew

I had a ball sewing with the LA Modern Quilt Guild yesterday at the Saturday Sew. I got all 45 blocks done for my crazy nine patch (thanks to Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson! for the awesome tutorial.)

crazy 9 patch-1

Although, somehow, I managed to mix up the stacks and ended up with two of the same fabrics in a bunch of blocks. I’m still not sure how I managed that.

I had planned to forgo the lattice layout and do white sashing instead…to make the quilt bigger and to calm down the craziness of my blocks. But it turns out that they lose most of their charm with the white sashing, so I’m going with the lattice. I also think my mistakes are VERY hard to find in the lattice layout…not that my sister would complain about them anyway. And this is for her. I may still have to add a border to make it a good nap size quilt. We’ll see. What do you think?

With sashing:
crazy 9 patch-2

crazy 9 patch-5

I also got a couple of string blocks done for Urban Craft Center’s collaborative Haiti quilts. Thanks again to Latifah for picking up the fabric and instructions so I could participate!

Haiti blocks-2

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’ve been hard at work around here…first with the cake pops, which were a big hit:

cake pops-1

Then we worked very hard on valentines for little buddy’s preschool class…he’s a great stamper!

making valentines-6

making valentines-2

My husband and I didn’t manage to get anything for each other…I can’t decide if I like that or not. On one hand, it’s nice. On the other, we’re too lazy about these things. I did let him sleep in though, so that was my lame half-hearted gift :)

Portland or bust!

Okay, I’m going crazy! I registered for that class! I’m enrolled in Heather Ross’ Fabric Design workshop at PNCA’s Summer of Making. “But you live in CA…that’s crazy”, you say! Yes, well, my husband said, “let’s make a road trip out of it!” And that was all I needed. There were only 15 spots in that class, and they’re almost all gone. You only live once, right? When do you get a chance to go and learn from the best? It’s like someone saying, “Hey, Blabby, want to go take a three-day song-writing workshop with the Indigo Girls for the bargain basement price of $400?” HELL YES! I would have signed up for that too.

I wish I could go to PNCA for real. I’d use up my GI Bill there in a second. I was browsing through the courses and it’s super awesome.

One small intimidating point is that the description says “bring your own creative ideas to life”…wait, I need my OWN ideas? I like Heather’s ideas! I’ll need to work on that between now and July :) Good thing I have some time!

I’m BURSTING with excitement!


I’ve been overusing that word in the last few days, and hearing a lot of John Cusack references in answer, but there’s no other word for it. I’m feeling good about things…so good, I went out and bought a few quick pick lotto tickets! But that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

I got hired by my company! So now, instead of being a consultant, I’m an official employee on the payroll. Still part-time, which is perfect. I truly have THE BEST JOB EVER.

Then, my kid finally got into a preschool! I was about to give up – I’m on waiting lists all over town with no nibbles, and I called the top of my list in hopes that there had been a little movement. School #2 said, “Oh! I was just going to call you today! I have one spot for you!” Whew! That is a big relief…I hope this works out!

I was doing my normal eye-candy-foraging on, and read her post about the Portland branch of the Modern Quilt Guild. I followed the link and found the national page, which led me to the LA branch. So I joined! I lucked out, and was able to make it to a meeting and met a bunch of cool girls, saw a bunch of awesome quilts, and am really looking forward to getting to know everyone better. Then I found out there is a little local guild forming! So exciting. I’ll probably hardly ever get to go to the meetings, but they have a weekend sew once a month, and I think I can swing some of those.

I just wanted to mention this quickly. These girls are doing something awesome. Pioneers! Bringing together modern quilters who have already been grouping informally online for a long time…sharing ideas, forming bees, etc. This is happening because there is a real gap in the industry where modern quilters are concerned!

I recently went to the Road 2 CA quilt show and not one vendor had any Denyse Schmidt fabric for sale. I don’t know how many vendors were in the vendor mall, but there are over 100 listed on the site. Not all of them sell fabric, of course, but still. Not one had Denyse Schmidt, and I’d say she’s easily one of the most popular fabric and quilt designers of the modern quilt movement. Another popular designer who was nowhere to be found was Heather Ross. I did see a couple Mendocino prints, but only one vendor. CRAZY. I saw about a billion reproduction prints from every time period…except my own! So that’s a bummer. The industry is not keeping up with the whole audience. And what’s happening is that the fabric manufacturers and the book publishers see the writing on the wall – or internet – but the trade shows and traditional shops seem to be a few steps behind.

One thing I did see was some of the Gees Bend solids and the kits. Now, how can you make a pattern for a Gees Bend quilt? I mean, doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose? Watch it…or we’ll take the magic right out of those beautiful quilts.

Alright, that’s enough of that.

One last good fortune… our family in the Dominican Republic is safe and sound, which is awesome.

I hope to do some sewing this week. I hope you and yours are doing great. I wish all the babies in Haiti were wrapped in quilts right now.


Oh man. It’s been an exciting day. We were headed to the library, but instead, I thought, “hmmm, I wonder if Marshalls has any Munki Munki pjs anymore” because I had read a couple people found them there…

(FYI – my most favorite illustrator/fabric designer, Heather Ross, does the artwork for Munki Munki. The pjs are lovely, but retail for about $100 a set – something I’d never pay. Especially since I don’t want to wear them, I want the fabric they’re made of for sewing.)

Anyway, we hit the Marshalls in the next town, and I hit pay dirt. Five sets of pjs at $10 each! BARGAIN! Sadly, none of them fit me, but that’s okay, because I’m just going to chop them into perfect little pieces for lovely little quilts.


One snag is that these five sets are the kind with the knit shirt, not the button up pj shirt. So I don’t know what to do with these shirts that are too small for me, and I don’t know if anyone will want them without the matching pants. But maybe I can do something with them also – the colors are great, and the knit is super comfy.


We never go to Marshalls, so I didn’t realize that they have a toy section. So when I was done treasure hunting for pjs, my cute kid – who absolutely doesn’t need anymore toys, maybe EVER – got to dig through the piles of half opened toy packages to see what he could find. He ended up with a super cool Sand Man (from Spiderman) that has really bendy legs and arms. SCORE. Score for me, because it was only $5.

So after nap time, my husband says, “you know, I could use some cologne.” Really? Well, wouldn’t you know, they have cologne at Marshalls! So we head out to another town. No Munki Munki pjs to be found, but we did score some Ralph Lauren Blue for $20 and Mr. Fantastic and The Thing (Fantastic Four action figures – all with really bendy arms and legs!) for $7. Now I’m starting to really enjoy this, so we head to one more Marshalls.

PAY DIRT! I find two more sets of Munki Munki pjs – these with the button up top. Bicycles and Farmers Market! Super awesome.


I also went crazy recently and got a bunch of Hope Valley and Nicey Jane – that treasure should be arriving in the mail in a couple days, and I can’t wait. The oranges and purples in Hope Valley are going to go perfect with my new coffee munki munki print. I see a fun coffee quilt in MY future. I think my poor sister may never get a quilt.

One last project that didn’t involve shopping. Actually, I did have to go to Home Depot, so scratch that. Anyway, I got a metal dowel and some cafe curtain hangers, and put up this handy ribbon holder. These spools used to be in the bottom drawer of a craft organizer that is really hard to get to. I also have a ribbon jar, for when I get yard cuts, but I think this is going to be a good solution for my spools. And it’s always fun to get out my drill :)

ribbon holder

some quilty goodness

I finished some sewing just in the st. nick of time. A tree skirt, thanks to Jacquie’s tutorial over at, an improved pillow from the scraps of the tree skirt, and a quick little blanket for the couch. The microplush blanket was only $5 at Walmart, then I sewed on some ribbon to make it more festive. I also whipped up 12 festive napkins and a couple trivets, but I forgot to take pictures of them. Now, they’re in the wash covered in mashed potatoes and gravy. Anyway, it was a whirlwind, but I’m happy with my efforts. Here are some photos.

And after you’re done reading my blog, head over to, for some eye candy.

tree skirt-1

christmas sewing-3

plushie blanket-2

why, you’re welcome!

I love that I’m correctly identified as a veteran in some mass mailing database. This email made me feel super special :) Thanks to all my fellow vets – I’m honored to be among you!

Abigail —

Today, on Veterans Day, my message to you is simple: Thank you. Thank you for your selfless service, for your valor, and for your strength of purpose that make all of us proud to be Americans.

Today, Americans will pause amidst a great conversation about the future of our nation to take a moment and recognize your service to our democracy — a service that guarantees us all the liberty to engage freely in that conversation, no matter what our views may be.

We know that we owe you a debt that cannot be repaid. But we can and will fulfill our nation’s promise to stand by you and your loved ones. That is why we’ve worked hard for better care for our veterans, and why we provided the largest increase in Veterans Administration funding in history.

Today, we honor those Americans past and present who’ve served on battlefields from Lexington to Antietam, Normandy to Manila, Inchon to Khe Sanh, Ramadi to Kandahar. You have defended our freedom on land, and at sea, and in the air.

You reflect the diversity that makes this America. You share a patriotism beyond question. And you share the same unflinching courage, selfless compassion, and uncommon camaraderie that — when faced with the tragedy of a despicable and heartbreaking attack last Thursday — the soldiers and civilians of Ft. Hood humbly revealed to the world.

You and your loved ones are the patriotic men and women we honor today, Veterans Day. And you are the men and women we shall honor every day, in times of war and times of peace, so long as our nation endures.

Thank you.

President Barack Obama

eye candy

My mother’s day gift was a big fat gift certificate for Fat Quarter Shop. I got lots of booty, and found a little more on Etsy. Jealous?



mother's day treasure

mother's day treasure