treasure and progress

Look at my bounty! And the quilt top I’ve been working on. It’s a Snake Charmer quilt, from Denyse Schmidt’s book Quilts. I’m using white muslin and the Peas & Carrots fabric by Moda. I think I’m going to use solid red on the back. I think curves are much easier to piece unpinned. This took some trial and error to figure out.

my new fabric

snake charmer


my San Diego adventure, pt. 1

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going on my own little quilt shop hop around San Diego. This was on the way to seeing the Indigo Girls at Humphrey’s By the Bay! Let me just say that my husband is awesome. He leftquilter's cottage work early so that I could have the whole day. I made it to three shops, and then had a couple hours between when the shops closed and when the concert started, so I had a nice dinner at Chipotle (my most favorite place to eat), reading a good book (A Piece of Normal by Sandi Kahn Shelton), and I had plenty of time to get to the show.

My first shop was Quilter’s Cottage in Fallbrook. I LOVE this store. They have expanded and they are chocked full of all kinds of great fabric. Best thing about this stop? It happens to be their big annual sale – at least 25% off everything! I got to say hello to the shop cats, and had a ball chatting with the ladies. The store is divided into great little sections – a baby room, a chabby chic room, a batiks and asians room, tons of patterns, lots of brand new fabric, great samples all over the store. I could spend hours in there.

My second stop was a shop that’s been around for a long time but was new to me – Bits and Pieces inbits and pieces bathroom quilt Escondido. What a great shop! Tons of fabric, lots of unique patterns (Mount Redoubt? I’ve never seen those patterns before, but they are really lovely), and they seemed to specialize in embroidery machine stuff – software, threads, etc. I also spied a huge classroom. I got some super cute Alexander Henry fabric there – I think it’s been out for a while, but I’d never seen it before. This cool 3D quilt was hanging in the bathroom. It was beautiful. The best part about that shop was that the lady there (I never got her name) told me how to shir (or smock) and pointed out the elastic that I needed! I got two spools of white elastic. Look forward to a shirred shirt coming soon.

I also went to Amidon Quiltworks in Poway. I didn’t take any pictures in there because I knew from past visits that they’re not crazy about photos of their gorgeous (and trademarked) appliqué quilts. I got a few pieces of fun Western fabrics for dad projects, and eyed a nice book called Home Sweet Home, but I figured I could get it cheaper on Amazon. (Sorry, Amidon!)

I’ll save my concert review for the next post!

This American Life

I know – I go on and on about This American Life. But they’re doing a little drive for donations because they’re trying to keep the free podcasts – that half a million people download every week – from costing Public Radio International any money. So I’m happy to pay a couple bucks to keep it free. But the reason I’m telling you about the fundraiser is that if you donate $20, you get a CD with the Giant Pool of Money show (the one about the mortgage crisis). I know a lot of people loved it as much as I did, and wanted to share it with people that don’t listen to podcasts (like my dad), so I thought I’d spread the word.

If you’re feeling extra generous, you can also get the New Kings of Nonfiction – which is excellent! I read it cover to cover.

Here’s to the Mothers!

A small photo salute to some of the mommies in my life…

Here’s to my pretty mama, who I miss every day. That’s my awesome sister in the photo – who’s a heck of a mom also.

Here’s to my super wonderful step-mom, Sandy. She puts up with my dad, and for that, she deserves a medal! Even better, she loves me. I’m a lucky girl.

Here’s to Luchy, my lovely mother-in-law, who I’ve come to know and love and be supremely grateful for.

Here’s to my Grandma Jo, the sweetest, most wonderful grandma on the planet.

Here’s to my Grandma Grace, who died far too young and I’ve always missed knowing.

Here’s to my dad’s mom, my Nana Petters who was my kindred spirit. She taught me a great love for matching shoes and handbags and Esther Williams movies. I never met my Great Grandmother Adelaide, but I know she was well loved.

Here’s to Mama, David’s grandmother, who is feisty and funny and too far away.

There are, of course, a ton of other mothers in my life. But I don’t have all day – my husband took my son to the park! I’ve got a quilt store to go to! I just wanted to take a minute and share the special women in my life with the blogosphere. I miss you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

(p.s., this post has been a disaster. I just couldn’t get the photos and their captions laid out the way I wanted. I put in code and wordpress takes it out. So, sorry you probably don’t know who’s in what picture. The important thing is to tell the world how great they all are, right?)

mom, dad and kitty

dad and sandy

luchy and william

grandma jo and sandy

Grace and Peggy

petters 1973

mama and william

alligator eyes

Overlooking his kingdomAs a family, we have alligator eyes and bird stomachs. Or bird bank accounts. Or a bird garage, that can’t possibly hold all the crap we buy our kid.

He often says, “Target is great!” You know what that means? It means we go to Target and buy toys TOO much. That kid is so spoiled. Today, we went to Toys R Us, and there was a sign on the wall when we walked in that said, “hurry, we have Wii’s in stock today!” I almost bought one.

My kid is 2. I don’t think he can play a Wii yet. I’m not sure why we don’t have any self control, except the fact that he’s such a good kid. He’s not bratty, he always says please and thank you, he genuinely loves all of his toys – for at least 10 minutes, anyway.

The other day, there was a garage sale down the street. The guy was selling off his Matchbox collection, and he had a huge box full of unopened matchbox cars. We bought a few, and left. William was thrilled. He played with those cars and trucks all day. My husband had a golf game that afternoon, and decided to stop back by the yard sale on his way to the course to see if there were any cars left. He gave the guy $40 and bought the whole box. There are probably 70 cars in that box.

What the hell are we going to do with all those cars?

We’ve been giving him a new car everyday. His “suprise” – he hasn’t seen the box, but he knows the suprise comes from the garage. Today, he said, “mom, let’s go in the garage and get a surprise.”

Crap. He’s onto us. Now, both Target and the garage are “great!”

Next, he’ll have a trampoline, a sandbox (even though there’s perfectly good dirt in the flower bed, a bigger plastic pool, a picnic table (have you seen the cute one at Target? With the bugs?)…you see where I’m going with this.

The poor house, that’s where.


I can’t believe I didn’t see this super nice post from Linshaolin earlier, but I’ve been so caught up in quilting guild stuff, that I’ve been missing my favorite blogs. I’m not sure what occasioned it, but Lin wrote a lovely post about me and my little spot in the blogosphere, and I’m absolutely touched.

Lin and I have celebrated a mutual admiration society for a long time, and it’s produced a cool little friendship. We leave comments on eachother’s blogs, and every once in a while, send an email. We catch up on each other’s lives by reading blog posts – of which hers are immensely witty and funny. Sometimes they’re sad –  because Lin doesn’t pull any punches – she shares her whole life with us. That’s what makes it such good reading.

Our worlds are pretty different, but books and fabric addiction bring us close. I just love the internet! Thanks, Lin! You’re awesome!

For excellent reading any time of the day, check out Breakdown in the Fastlane, Lin’s very wonderful blog.

black holes exist right here

I am a consummate time waster. I haven’t blogged in days and days, but I’ve just spent hours and hours reading other blogs. My starting point of exploration was keeping up with the creative spaces featured over on Joyful Abode. I am honored to be listed among them. This took me many exciting places, but one thing is clear. My advertising-heavy blog is not representative of my creative spirit.

More after the jump… Continue reading “black holes exist right here”

my little beers

You may notice my little beer mugs…I’m saving up for a new laptop, and I’m hoping kind souls will ante up a buck to help me. Why? Who knows why. There’s really no reason. I’m sure everyone would love a new laptop, and can use their hard-earned dollars to buy one. But I feel like there’s no harm in asking. I’ve bought plenty of people beers or coffees by donating a couple bucks through paypal because I liked their blog/site.

I remember this girl who paid off all her credit cards because she asked for donations online, and she got them.

I’m going to go ahead and use some positive thinking…every little bit helps, right? So thanks in advance for your dollar, or not. But thanks anyway for stopping by.

It would be cool if I could just send good thoughts via fiber optic cables and everyone would have all the money they need. My husband says, “why would anyone give you a dollar when there are so many people that need it more?” But that’s not really the point, is it? I donate to charities. I also blow random dollars on lottery tickets. Who knows why people do what they do.

Also, I couldn’t figure out how to change the beer image to a computer image, but I’m working on it. For now, I’m “getting drunk on portability!”

Library vs. Audible

I love my iPod nano. It’s cute and perfect and holds a million hours of entertainment. It fits in my pocket. I love love love it. This is why I thought I’d love Audible.

In theory, I do love audible. I always have my iPod with me, so I thought having the audiobooks I’m listening to on there would solve the problem of always having to listen to audiobooks in the car. First of all, my son understands (perhaps ‘repeats’ is a better word) curse words now, so lots of books are out. Second, he gets tense and whiny when there’s a tense scene in the book. Not good. Plus, he loves air guitar and drums, so I’d rather let him enjoy music.

In comes Audible. I can listen to my book anywhere. Except, I’m really picky. I check out two or three audiobooks from the library each trip. I usually only listen to one all the way through. If I don’t like it, or I’m not looking to listen to the next installment, I give up on it and return it. With Audible, I feel like I have to choose so carefully because I’m paying for it. My first selection was Atonement and I could care less about it. (To be fair, I’m only on chapter 5 or 6, so I haven’t really given it a chance.) Now I have another credit sitting in my Audible account, and I’m kind of gun shy. I don’t want to waste it.

My first idea was to try out books from the library, and then, if I love the book, use my Audible credit to get it. But with the last audiobook I listened to, The Expected One, I felt like I already had it for free, and it would be wasteful to return the free book just to purchase the same book from Audible.

There’s one other problem. Lately, when I have the chance to listen to my iPod, I catch up on episodes of Slate’s Political Gabfest, This American Life, or Real Time with Bill Maher. Which is also why I haven’t given Atonement it’s proper attention.

So is the problem time? Maybe. How do I best use my time?

How do people deal with these dilemmas?

Please understand that I appreciate the bounty of my blessings as I write these things. I know there are people who can’t read, who don’t have books, who don’t have libraries, who can’t afford iPods or Audible accounts. These things don’t really help me. They just make me feel guilty.

Holy Page Rank!

Somehow, my page rank has jumped up to 5! Who knows if these blessing will persist, but in the mean time, I’ve got to jump over to PayPerPost and see what treasure awaits me. In other news, my Alexa ranking went up. In case you didn’t know, that’s bad. Alexa goes down: good. Up: bad. So it was in the mid 700,000. Now it’s 800,977. Weird.

I also sold a rotating ad on here, but I can’t figure the code out for the life of me. I even got myself into an internal server error situation the other day, which practically gave me a heart attack.

denyse schmidt single girl patternIn non-tech related news, I’m super excited because I just bought a new pattern from PurlSoho. Denyse Schmidt’s Single Girl pattern! Love it…I’ve been saving all my Katie Jump Rope fat quarters for something special, and this is it!

I also joined about 100 new groups on Flickr…trying to be more social or whatever. There are so many awesome crafters out there…I just love these sites like flickr and etsy. More ideas than I could ever use!

I’m happily sewing the binding on a quilt…pics coming soon. One down, a billion to go! Hooray for bins full of fabric :)