treasure and progress

Look at my bounty! And the quilt top I’ve been working on. It’s a Snake Charmer quilt, from Denyse Schmidt’s book Quilts. I’m using white muslin and the Peas & Carrots fabric by Moda. I think I’m going to use solid red on the back. I think curves are much easier to piece unpinned. This took some trial and error to figure out.

my new fabric

snake charmer


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  1. What a great take on this pattern. I never pictured it with anything other than green and black. I love that Peas and Carrots line and it looks so crisp and fresh and summery in this design. Can’t wait to see how the hole quilt turns out!

  2. Your quilt top progress looks absolutely phenomenal! The peas and carrots prints with the white look wonderful. I haven’t been brave enough to try that quilt top yet- but it looks so great

  3. Thanks, girls! And Betty – it’s a super simple pattern. I thought cutting the pattern pieces would be a huge pain, mostly because there are so many, but I stacked the fat quarters in groups of four, traced all my templates, pinned the heck out of it, and cut four pieces at a time. I did all the cutting in about 2 hours! And sewing the curves has been easier than I thought it would too – I think because the pieces are so big, the curves are pretty gradual. Anyway, I say go for it, everything you make is great!

  4. Cool quilt…hope you show us when its done. I love the trucks in the background :)

  5. I’m a quilter drop out. I took a class once, but never got hang of the sewing machine or all the measuring. (I love the boy toys next to the piecings – how very mom)

  6. Wow love your quilt and the fabbie is awesome. Thanks for the tip on how to cut the fabric have you any tips on how to piece this quilt without using pins.

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