Road to CA

I’m headed to the Road to California quilt show tomorrow. I’m super excited…my husband is meeting me to take the baby, and I get the whole day to wander around the Ontario Convention Center, surrounded by all things quilting! I’m really hoping to get a ticket to Mark Lipinski’s lecture – which I didn’t know about […]

my log cabin quilt

David and I spent over an hour in the quilt store selecting the fabrics for this quilt. It’s about lap size, and it’s extra special because mine is the only husband I know who would wander around a quilt store picking the perfect fabrics for a quilt for our home. It’s a log cabin pattern, […]

my birthday gift

I haven’t been the greatest blogger lately. First, we were vacating. Then, I was unpacking/doing laundry/forcing my kid to return to Pacific Standard Time. Then I was cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner ever. (Thanks, Martha, for the great recipes! Pictures coming soon.) Then I was shopping. Today, for the first time in my life, I […]

More crafts

I’m officially in the mad rush of sewing for Christmas. Here are a couple projects – the purse and zipper pouch are from Bend-The-Rules Sewing, and the sweatshirt is my own creation. My friend Sara has a question mark tattoo on her leg, and we decided it would make a good logo for her sweatshirt. […]

Stephanie’s gifts

So here are the gifts I sent my good friend Stephanie-doo-dah. She’s my crafting guinea pig – she gets all the prototypes. The little bird (filled with catnip and bells) and coasters are from the book Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson (awesome book – you can find my review here.) The apron […]

Old Town Quilt Show

All day yesterday, I served as photographer and videographer for my quilt guild’s annual quilt show. This involved walking up and down a street about 10 blocks long about 20 times, taking pictures of quilts and quilters. Upside: exercise, fresh air, and meeting lots of the quilters in the guild. Downside: sunshine beating down on […]