Rag quilts

My husband’s boss (and friend) is a super nice guy. He’s very supportive of my husband, really takes his time to make sure that my DH has what he needs to excel at work. In turn, his boss has an employee that does an outstanding job for him, is willing to work long hours, etc. […]

A finished quilt…

I’ve finished one more of the quilt tops that had been stored in the garage. This one is earmarked for my sister…hope she likes it! It’s called a cobblestone (although I’ve also heard it called a brick road – I think the rectangles are smaller on the cobblestone.) It’s made mostly of the Wuthering Heights […]

stroller wars

I was reading a quilting magazine (Mark Lipinski’s Quilter’s Home) today and there was a survey asking, “should strollers be allowed in quilting stores and at quilt shows?” I have to say, I was a little incensed at this question. As a stay-at-home mom, who’s husband works from sun up until sun down, it’s either […]