It’s Trekker, not Trekkie

Who knew?Patrick Stewart

I’m going to let my geek light shine (or as my friend Scotty would say, let my blue flame show) on this post. I watched the best show about Star Trek the other day on the History channel. It was called Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier. It was kind of a 40-year anniversary show where they chronicled the sale of thousands of pieces of Star Trek property from all shows at a big auction at Christie’s. They had a lot of different actors (including my favs Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes) telling funny stories and sharing experiences. It really was a great round up, touching on all the different shows, spotlighting some of the amazing work that’s gone into each series (make-up, costume design) and especially paying tribute to Gene Roddenberry’s vision.

I really only ever watched The Next Generation. Everyday after school (9th and 10th grade, I think?), my dad and I would watch TNG (geek speak) and eat microwaved nachos or banana shakes. It’s one of my best memories. I feel like I grew up with Wesley Crusher. Cpt. Picard continues to be one of my all time favorite TV characters, and the writing on that show is still light years ahead of it’s time (ha ha, it got there by warp speed), even now. No other character driven show has been as good – and if you knew how much TV I watch, you’d know that this is a serious claim I’m making.

My favorite part of that History Channel special was that they highlighted Cpt. Picard’s flute from my favorite (probably, everyone’s favorite) episode called “The Inner Light“. Someone paid a crap load of money for that flute at the auction, and then Patrick Stewart laughed about the exorbitant amount, admitting that the flute doesn’t even play music! Ah, Trekkers. I salute your dedication. I would have bought that flute too, if I was rich. (I tried to find the sale price, but wasn’t able to – sorry.)

Anyway, I truly enjoyed this little special. I think all serious and amature Trekkers will too. And if you’ve never watched any of the Star Trek series, I encourage you to start with The Next Generation – you’ll find it playing on Spike all the time!

6 Replies to “It’s Trekker, not Trekkie”

  1. TNG Rules!……..what are you other favorite episodes besides Inner Light?……..too bad they cut off TNG movies…….they also cut off a possible spinoff with called “Titan” where Riker was the captain of the ship.

  2. You are hilarious, A-. In fact, I up your grade to an A++!

    My other favorites are all the ones where Deanna and Riker make out and the ones where Data and Tasha Yar love each other. I’m a romantic.

    I also love when Picard becomes Locutus – not romantic, but awesome.

    Thanks for shining your bright blue flame all over my blog!

  3. The last episode was pretty damn good too, when Picard shifts in time. How about the one where Picard gets stabbed in the heart too!?

  4. Yuck! My husband has watched that special 3 times in the past 2 weeks, he is a super star trek geek. All I can say is Thank goodness its canceled :)

  5. Well, to each her own, but you’re missing out!

  6. He always says I have no imagination since I don’t watch Battlestar, Star Trek, Smallville, etc…oh well, I will stick with my soaps :)

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