More skinny scarves

yarn texture

I finished two more scarves. Same pattern, but I was much looser with the interpretation because of the texture of the yarn. It was really hard to see where the chains were, so I just kind of winged. it. They came out nice anyway, because the yarn is beautiful. Each scarf used one 1.5 oz. skein of Marble N.Y. Yarns – $7 ea.. I really love the colors of these yarns. I’m definitely going to buy more.


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  1. Love the scarves. You’ve done a great job! I can knit but have never learned to crochet. Very pretty!

  2. Thanks Allison! I give full credit to the yarn manufacturer – they provide the cool texture and the pretty colors. I’ve just been using the same skinny scarf pattern over and over. And thanks to cool yarns, it looks different every time.

  3. Some years back a bunch of us at work became obsessed with kniting and crocheting scarves during our lunch hour. We made dozens and dozens. We ended up donating them to a women’s shelter.

  4. Yeah – there’s a kid’s with cancer camp later this summer with a winter theme – they’re getting a few. The rest are Christmas presents – and since they’re not that cool, I can handle waiting until Dec. to give them. Normally, I get so excited about other peoples’ gifts, that I can’t plan Christmas early.

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