all in a day’s work…

I made my first attempt at a mary jane’s pattern, and halfway into the first one, I realized I must be using too-chunky yarn. Even though I was using the G crochet hook, as the pattern specified, my mary jane was easily the size of a snow cap. WAY too big for any foot. So I unraveled it. I’ll start again with finer yarn and see how it goes.

little tom tomMy quilt run starts tomorrow, and I can barely contain my excitement. My husband has agreed to give me one full day of freedom each weekend so that I can travel all over my portion of the state visiting quilt shops. I’ve decided to map out a few scrapbook, yarn and bead shops as well – might as well get them all in, right? My brother-in-law even lent me his tom tom, so all I have to do is have the addresses, and Mr. T (or the voice of my choice) will tell me how to get to each shop!

In TV news, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying The Closer and Army Wives. Cable really has some excellent shows. I saw a promo yesterday for a miniseries on Sci Fi called Tin Man – looks like a retelling of the Wizard of Oz (with Richard Dreyfuss and Zooey Dechanel and Alan Cumming!). Coming in December – Very exciting!

Anyone watching Days of Our Lives? I’m getting a little fed up with the crazy-awful Irish and Italian accents they’re coming up with recently, but I like the current storylines. Any thoughts?

In book news, I’ve been reading Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series. I’m on the 4th book, and I really like it. I plan to do a review of all six books soon.

Hope all is well in your worlds!

Mail Call!

Today was an excellent mail day. I got the new Stampin’ Up! catalog from my friend Lysa, and I got the fruit of 7 different eBay auctions I won last week. Yarn, yarn, yarn – all from the same seller. I got 30.5 skeins for $60 – and they’re all super fancy yarns that would cost at least $6 or $7 a piece!

I also went on a date with my sweet baby. We went to Chipotle where he refused to eat his cheese and rice quesadilla and I wolfed down my chicken burrito bowl. Man, I love that place. The good news is that he drank half a cup of water! He NEVER drinks water, and this is a great concern of mine, so I was stoked that he loved the novelty of the coke cup with the bendy straw and the ice so he could go, “burrr” and shake his head all around every time he took a sip. Whatever works, right?

My husband is in Phoenix for work for a couple days. There’s been talk of us transferring there. He’s been going on and on about the 116+ degree weather and how awful it is, and then he went to the plant where he might work and he loved it, so he was like, “I think I’d love to take that job!” He’s obviously not a salesman. You can’t lead with the 116+ weather. He should have lead with the “I’ll be home by 2pm everyday!” Even that isn’t very motivating for me. Just kidding :)

Hope everyone else had an excellent Friday!

Oh yeah – and I sold TWO sets of stamps on eBay. I have about 30 to sell, and I’m listing a couple everyday, but those two sold in the first day on a Buy It Now price! Exciting stuff – I didn’t even have to wait for the auction to end!

If you’re an eBayer, you might want to consider auctiva (link at left). It’s really made my listing life much easier, and the best part is that it’s free! I love free!

More skinny scarves

yarn texture

I finished two more scarves. Same pattern, but I was much looser with the interpretation because of the texture of the yarn. It was really hard to see where the chains were, so I just kind of winged. it. They came out nice anyway, because the yarn is beautiful. Each scarf used one 1.5 oz. skein of Marble N.Y. Yarns – $7 ea.. I really love the colors of these yarns. I’m definitely going to buy more.