toddler sports and sewing

We’ve been a whirlwind of activity around here. From 3-year old sports classes every day, to a possible impending move, there’s hardly been time to sew! That’s not to say I haven’t been preparing to sew. Which means buying stuff – fabric and books! Here are my newest books…all of which I’m dying to dig into. There are at least 3 projects in all of them that I love.

The third book is a new Aranzi Aronzo book called Cute Stuff for Babies. There are the cutest little appliques in there. My favorite pattern is a bottle holder pouch in the shape of a little quilted bottle. Oh, and the little diaper covers with a bear and bunny face on the baby’s booty. Awesome.

I did finish a couple bow tucks bags. Well, I finished one and one is almost done.

And did I post this already? I’ve just been working on hand sewing all the bit down since I really haven’t had time to sew.


We’ve also been spending time at this lovely place:


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  2. Oh my! I am in love if the flower pattern your working on. Is it going to be a pillow or something? I wish I had more time to sew myself. The most I’m capable of is maybe sewing a straight line. I have sew envy. Karin

  3. Thanks, Karin! One day in the far distant future, it will be a quilt. That is the 2nd block I’ve made. It’s taking quite a while :) But I have a solid 10-year plan in the works!

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