Book #9

The One Safe Place by Kathleen O'BrienThe One Safe Place by Kathleen O’Brien – I’m sad to say this is the fourth book in the four-book Firefly Glen series. But rejoice! There is one more! And it’s just made the 2007 RITA list of finalists.

Back to this book, though. I loved that it was a departure from the sweet love stories in the first three books. It was still a sweet love story, but there was a lot more tense, edge-of-your-seat stuff. With the heroine hiding out from a murderous lunatic (who Kathleen made very scary and very believable), it made for an exciting story in addition to the lovey parts. I also loved Spencer and his growth throughout the book. Especially the ending.

Another winner from Kathleen – I’m off to read her 2007 RITA finalist Quiet As the Grave, which I’m super excited about, because it’s got my favorite characters from the Glen.

I can’t say it enough – if you never have, give Harlequin a chance. These books by Kathleen are quick, heartwarming reads. A million thumbs up!

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