Is looking more and more attractive. I mean, how can anyone afford preschool? Much less private school for the next 13 years? So far, here’s what we’ve been doing. Right now, my sweet almost-four year old goes to a little parks and rec program for socialization a couple times a week. He loves it. He loves his teachers and he loves his friends. But it’s not academic at all. So I’ve been looking up curriculum online. It is kind of surprising how much is available! We’ve been printing worksheets for math and reading, and he’s doing great.

My main concern is the little things, like the fact that he can’t hold a pencil correctly. I’ve shown him lots of times, but I think it boils down to I just don’t know what I’m doing.

I think homeschooling options have come so far! In my city, there are three different ‘schools’ for homeschooled kids. A place for them to go a couple times a week for science labs and other kids and field trips. There are so many options for varied curriculum. It almost makes me feel like I could do it.

I’m glad I still have a year to decide. It’s a big commitment. One I used to feel I wasn’t qualified for. But now, with so many resources available, I think it is a viable option for my son.

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  1. Alana Topper says:

    Abi, Bobby was having problems with that also and my Mom suggested we take a practice golf ball (the ones with the holes) and place the pencil through that. He gets the idea of how to hold the ball and it’s fun too. I didn’t really stick with it and now he’s in preschool and I’m not sure how much emphasis they really put on the correct form but every now and then he holds it the right way and I like to think it’s because of the ball. :o)

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