Jay saves the day!

best pressI took my messy hexagon flowers over to QuiltyGirl’s yesterday, and she gave me the perfect solution to flatten those crazy seams…Mary Ellen’s Best Press!!! A few squirts and a hot iron, and my hexagon flowers were perfectly flat! I’ve pinned them to the foundation, and am appliqueing them down today. Easy-peasy.

Thanks, Jay!!!

I’m taking a beginning appliqué class on Sunday at Calico Cottage in Murietta. I’m excited – it’s with Susan Prioleau, who doesn’t seem to have a website, but teaches classes all over Southern California. I have a beautiful Baltimore Album pattern of hers, and I’m looking forward to her class. I think I have the basics of appliqué down, but I think it helps to learn other techniques also – then I can figure out the best way for me.

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