Moto Q at the salon

My first official blog entry composed on my trusty Moto Q. Once I scrolled past my 275 categories, it works just fine!. I’m getting highlights put in my hair right now – and since I only approve of time wasting in front of the TV or on the internet, I figured this was a good time as any to blog. Technology is so cool.

So is anyone watching The Singing Bee? Here’s what it reminds me of. Remember that episode of Friends where Joey was auditioning for the really elaborate game show, and him and Chandler spent all day learning the rules and pretend playing so he’d be ready for the audition? I think there were golden monkeys or something? Well, that’s what The Singing Bee reminds me of. What’s with the round with the floating words? And the scantily clad dancers? They crack me up. Anyway, it’s entertaining.

Headed for the dryers…wish me luck!

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