Nikon Coolpix

I recently got a new Nikon Coolpix S550. I thought it was awesome at first, because it takes pictures without flash that aren’t totally blurry. Unlike my old HP R707, which took terrible no-flash pictures unless it was full-sunshine at noon outside. Well, it turns out that the Nikon does take clear pictures indoors without flash, but then everything has this yellow tint. Lame.

The Nikon has some cool features like distortion control, facial recognition, and video. My HP had video that was a little better – one touch of a button and I was filming. On my new Nikon, you have to go into the menu and choose video instead of pictures. Then it stays on whatever you left it on, which results in me turning on the camera to catch a quick moment of my son’s life, only to start shooting stupid video and basically missing the moment.

I truly recommend point-and-shoot digital cameras for everyone, but I wish that I had stuck with HP…I really loved that camera. I only wanted more megapixels.

Anyway, next time I’ll do more research instead of just buying what’s on sale at Costco.

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