one more thing about that

And about this job search my husband is doing…he posted his info on a couple job boards, and he’s been getting a ton of calls from head hunters and recruiters. I mean, four or five every day. That’s crazy, right? I’ve never had a real hard time finding a job, but I’ve never seen this kind of response from an online job board. I guess there’s a real value in these companies that get paid by corporations to narrow down the zillion applicants and find the few gems in the bunch. The good thing is that this crazy recruiter response has been very positive for my husband, who’s been a little freaked by the downsizing happening in his company. He was not in the first round of cuts, but the plant manager mentioned making “adjustments to the fixed costs” in a meeting today – which is a lame, squirrelly reference to the salaried staff. That guy is so spineless.

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    Your son looks like my nephew.

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