Rosanne’s Nuts

Is anyone watching this new show on Lifetime? I have to say, I truly love Rosanne. I loved her show when I was a kid and I felt like Darlene was my kindred/sarcastic/deadpan spirit. Dan and Rosanne reminded me of my funny, dysfunctional parents. I’m so happy to see her nuttiness – literally (because she has a nut farm!) back on TV. On the first episode, she sang the National Anthem at a softball game. Her kids were like, “please don’t do this again.” And you could tell she was afraid, but she did it because she wanted to wipe the slate clean. It made me cry, it was so good. I mean, not Carrie Underwood good or anything, but still – it was good. She redeemed herself, if she even needed redeeming. Anyway, if you get the chance, check it out. She’s the funny, down to earth mom (and now grandma) that I remember, and I am happy to see her.

My favorite part of the show is the three Hawaiian guys that are like a Shakesperian chorus…or the mariachi owls in Rango.

And since this is my first non-sewing post in a while, I may as well go whole hog. In TV land, I want Ashley to choose Ben, not JP. I’m totally enjoying Switched at Birth on ABC Family – heartwarming and sweet. I’m so glad The Closer started back up – it’s been great, as usual. I don’t want Brenda to get in trouble because of this lawsuit, but it would seem she’s going to have to…it doesn’t seem that her decision to leave that boy behind can stand. I’m also enjoying True Blood, Haven, Camelot, Eureka, The Outcasts, Warehouse 13, Falling Skies, Alphas, In Plain Sight, The Protector, Royal Pains, Burn Notice, Melissa and Joey, Franklin and Bash, Memphis Beat, American Pickers, Pawn Stars, American Restoration…the list goes on and on. I’m so glad there are summer shows and fall shows. And I’m looking forward to Project Runway, which I think started tonight!

Oh! By far, my favorite show right now is called Misfits. It’s a British show – Hulu is running one episode a week. Very funny. Nathan is my favorite. I think you can watch all the episodes on, but I like it so much, I’m trying to be patient and not watch it all at once. I’m making it last.

For some reason, SYTYCD has seemed boring to me this season. I just want to watch Jess and Melanie and Marco. Let’s just move right to them as the final three. (Shoot, I hope one of them didn’t get voted off this week while it’s sitting in my DVR!)

I try not to talk about TV on here because my crazy TV mania really starts to show. You should know I’m well rounded, though. I also watch too many movies and read too many books. I’m currently reading any Scottish Highlander romance I can find. So far my favorite authors are Karen Marie Moning, Mary Wine, Margaret Mallory and Michelle Sinclair. Got any recommendations?

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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  1. I love Rosseanne too! How many shows about working class people do you get? It was pretty earthy and real. You just made me want to check out her new show. What cable channel is it on?

  2. Lifetime! She’s a crack up.

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