Sewing again, Finally!

It’s been a long move. First, our stuff (read: my sewing machine) was in storage for almost 3 months. Then, when I finally found it in one of about 50 boxes labeled “Crafts”, I couldn’t find the power cord!

I’m pretty sure it was wrapped in some packing paper that got put in a packing paper pile that one of the cats thought was a litter box. But that’s a whole other gross issue.

So anyway, my poor Bee Happy bee-mates have been waiting on my personal problems for months now. I just finished up July, Aug and Sept. Whew. Those went in today’s mail, and I feel great about it. Now I just need to finish up Oct, Nov and Jan!

Lori’s blocks – she wanted cakes on cake stands. I jazzed mine up with some silly felt faces. But they’re just pinned on, in case kawaii faces made of felt aren’t her thing.

sewing finally-16

sewing finally-20

sewing finally-22

Next was Marianna’s blocks. She asked for 5 blocks using Oh Fransson’s Mixed Tape pattern. I had enough fabric to make 7. this pattern is so super easy and fast.

sewing finally-05

Finally, Melissa asked for two blocks – one with circles of some kind, and one quilter’s choice.

sewing finally-03

sewing finally-02

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  1. Been a year ince I have sewn and iching to get back to it I have 2 grad quilts to make.. not sure where to start.

  2. Suellen, sorry – I’m not sure of all the fabrics on that last block. They came from a bee member.

    Debbie – Elizabeth has a website, with links to her free patterns and patterns available for purchase. The Mixed Tape pattern is for purchase:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!

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