Sewing again, Finally!

It’s been a long move. First, our stuff (read: my sewing machine) was in storage for almost 3 months. Then, when I finally found it in one of about 50 boxes labeled “Crafts”, I couldn’t find the power cord!

I’m pretty sure it was wrapped in some packing paper that got put in a packing paper pile that one of the cats thought was a litter box. But that’s a whole other gross issue.

So anyway, my poor Bee Happy bee-mates have been waiting on my personal problems for months now. I just finished up July, Aug and Sept. Whew. Those went in today’s mail, and I feel great about it. Now I just need to finish up Oct, Nov and Jan!

Lori’s blocks – she wanted cakes on cake stands. I jazzed mine up with some silly felt faces. But they’re just pinned on, in case kawaii faces made of felt aren’t her thing.

sewing finally-16

sewing finally-20

sewing finally-22

Next was Marianna’s blocks. She asked for 5 blocks using Oh Fransson’s Mixed Tape pattern. I had enough fabric to make 7. this pattern is so super easy and fast.

sewing finally-05

Finally, Melissa asked for two blocks – one with circles of some kind, and one quilter’s choice.

sewing finally-03

sewing finally-02

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  1. Haha! At least you had good excuses – I was just late. :-) I had to get caught up in December. One Bee down and one to go – whew!

  2. Love the patterns! And the colors are bright and cheerful!

  3. Hi your blocks are lovely! I am a beginner quilter. Have just ‘designed’ my first pattern. How do you design your quilts? Do you use patterns? Thanks!

  4. The blocks are all very pretty. What fabrics did you use on that last block? Thanks.

  5. Hello…..
    Where can I find Fransons tape pattern?

  6. Carole Beigle says:

    love the cake plates. leave on the faces, they are great!!!

  7. They look easy where I could do them. I love the colors you used.

  8. Been a year ince I have sewn and iching to get back to it I have 2 grad quilts to make.. not sure where to start.

  9. Suellen, sorry – I’m not sure of all the fabrics on that last block. They came from a bee member.

    Debbie – Elizabeth has a website, with links to her free patterns and patterns available for purchase. The Mixed Tape pattern is for purchase:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!

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  11. Love the Pattern!

    Rachel Chartrand
    Call for more info 800-557-0799

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