Sex in the City

I saw Sex in the City on Monday night. My sweet husband came home a little early so I could take myself out to a movie. I have been to exactly one movie in the past 2.5 years. So this was a real treat. First shock: ticket price. $10.50! What? That’s crazy. Second shock: food price. On king size kit kat and small coke zero: $8.50! Sheesh! First pleasant surprise: super nice reclining chairs. Until someone sat behind me in an almost empty theater and put her feet on my chair. As soon as she moved once, I leaned back and didn’t move again so she didn’t have a choice but to keep her feet down. Ha! Jokes on you, girl!

I think there were a bunch of teen girls that have only seen Sex In The City on TBS, not on HBO, because they seemed to be genuinely shocked at the gratuitous sex scenes. Well, it is Samantha, people! Who would let their teenage girl go see that movie, anyway? Probably mom’s that only watched it on TBS also. Well, the movie is the HBO version, not the TBS version. There’s as much action as an after 10 pm Cinemax movie – so beware.

That being said, I must not have any fashion sense at all. I just don’t get high fashion. I just don’t get a lot of the looks they’re modeling – and it was a serious modeling-clothes fest. I will say, I always appreciate Charlotte’s look. Carrie’s looks remind me of a lot of the diy clothes I’ve been seeing. It looked like she was wearing a lot of altered t-shirts! I’m sure I just don’t know anything about brands and she was wearing famous labels. I did like her crazy gold bangles at the rehearsal dinner.

Anyway, I liked the Cinderella storyline, and of course it was funny and sad and wonderful – like all the TV episodes. I give it 4 stars (out of five.) I should have waited for Netflix though. $10.50! Robbery!

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