Some new fabric designs

These are in my spoonflower library now. I’m ordering swatches to see what the colors really look like.

I’m still fiddling around with layout. I can’t seem to get my vision of safari animals at the watering hole to work out. But the costume dudes are still fun. I’d love your feedback, you lovely multitude of reader :) (‘s’ omitted on purpose!) These are the fat quarter views.

Update – here is my first version. I didn’t include it in my initial post because I wasn’t crazy about it, but the concensus is a need for a closer grouping of the dudes. I’m not sure if it’s the green or the drop shadows I didn’t like, but I disliked this enough to leave it out. I think my real problem with these guys – closely grouped or not, is that I can’t see using them in a quilt. So while I like the idea of gathering around the watering hole, I probably wouldn’t ever use the fabric. That’s no good. So I need a way to use them in a design that is conducive to sewing.

Watering Hole Green

Watering Hole Peach

Tough Love

Very Brady Animals

But here’s a better view of the costume dudes – the spoonflower pics are always blurry and hard to see.




7 Replies to “Some new fabric designs”

  1. OH! I LOVE THEM! I know that isn’t a whole lot of feedback, but I DO! I see what you mean about the watering hole… but I don’t have any suggestions either. Hummm. I think my favorite is the antelope giraffe love!

  2. Love these! I especially get a kick out of the “watering hole” concept. Maybe try grouping the animals closer around the cooler with more space around the group to set it off, then add some random cups, coolers and wastebaskets in the “empty” spaces.

  3. They are adorable! I agree with Sandi, about grouping the animals closer to the cooler.

  4. Abi, these guys are great. I do have some ideas. How soon are you needing to decide? If you can wait for Saturday I can sketch something out. — Sam

  5. pancockies says:

    the rhino is my fav. :-) you are my most talented friend (don’t tell any of my other friends!)

  6. Sam – I’d welcome any ideas you have! My real problem is that my artistic abilities only go so far. I know the issue is dimension…making those costume dudes look like an actual gathering, rather than a pile of clip art, but I just don’t have the skills.

    Steph – the rhino is my fav too :)

    Thanks, everyone, for checking them out! I’m not crazy about these designs at all, but you have to start somewhere!

  7. I dont have anything that helpful to say, but I love the giraffe soooo much. He makes me really happy, I would like little notecards with him on it. I can’t wait to see a fabric with all the little guys on it.

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