Stashbusters, Day 3

I started Wondermommy’s stash buster on Feb. 1. So tell me WHY OH WHY have I spent the last hour looking at fabric online, placing and then removing it from shopping carts? Why am I watching 20 items in my eBay, 3 of which are munkiĀ  munki prints? Do vintage sheets count as fabric? Because I’m also watching some of those on eBay.

half yard bundle

Good news? I’ve made no purchases. Bad news, there are some fabrics I’d really like to buy today. Like Kauffman’s Monaluna Mingle squares in aqua and red (like the bundle seen here from sewdeerlyloved’s etsy shop) or Lizzy House’s Red Letter Day ugly duckling? Which is adorable and has been available for some time…does that mean that I won’t be able to find it once the stash busters is over?

More good news, I have a big sewing day coming up – my first weekend sew with the LA Modern Quilt Guild. 11 am to 7 pm! Woo hoo! That is some serious sewing time! I should be able to do some serious busting.

Anyone else struggling with the shopping? My craft table is such a mess of un-binned fabric that I can’t even sew. It’s an embarrassment of riches around here.


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  1. I feel your pain :) I vowed to not buy any new clothing until summer. And then, of course, I spent all that money I might have saved on sewing supplies.

  2. I think it’s an addiction at this point! BUT, I did get a little sewing done this past weekend, so there’s hope :)

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