Yee Haw!

It’s official – we’re moving to Texas. It’s actually been official for a few weeks and things have been pretty crazy around here – hence the total lack of blogging. The movers come on Tuesday, and I’m totally unprepared. Luckily, they’re doing all the packing. Lucky for me, anyway. For them – not so lucky. I just hope the two new underbed storage containers I ordered from the Container Store show up in the next day or two so I can pack up the giant pile of folded fabric and quilt tops that’s on my sewing table right now. Basically, unpacking is going to be a NIGHTMARE because our house is packed to the gills and kind of a mess.

My husband already made the journey by car – SoCal to TX with FIVE cats in the car. I had to sit in the car and roll down the window, and he’d put a cat in and I’d roll it up real quick. Otherwise they’d jump out. I’m really not sure how he made it. And after hiding in a hotel room for the last week – saying he only had two cats in there, he’s finally got a little apartment for us while we look for a house. TOO crazy. Here are some blurry, hectic photos of the great cat adventure.

gatos vs. car-08

gatos vs. car-07

gatos vs. car-05

gatos vs. car-04

gatos vs. car-02

I think I remember my husband saying something about “those better not go on the internet!”…but it’s his own fault if he never bothers to read my blog. *evil laugh* They’re also his cats…so he made his bed. But they made it safe and sound, with only minimal lasting mental trauma and lots of scratches. So no animals were harmed in the making of these photos.

Babies at Dinner Parties?

angelWe went to a lovely dinner party last night – hosted by good friends. They had just purchased new, beautiful furniture, and they wanted to show it off a little. First let me say that I was crazily jealous of this new furniture. I’ve mentioned my five cats before, and the uselessness of getting new furniture, but still…when I saw their awesome leather couches and beautifully matched yellow chairs, I was sooo jealous.

Our cats would ruin that stuff in one day.

Anyway, I got over it, and sat down. Meanwhile, my cute kid was driving his trucks all over their living room.

There were eight adults total at the dinner party, and exactly one 18-month old. I was nervous about this. Luckily, my kid is really, surprisingly well behaved. I’d love to take credit for this, but sadly, I am positive I’ve had very little to do with his happy-go-lucky personality.

The moral here is that we stayed two hours past his bedtime, and he was a perfect angel the whole time. He even provided a bit of entertainment. And I got to enjoy a nice evening with adults – very interesting, funny, smart adults. I think that was the first gathering I’ve attended since becoming a mom where I didn’t “hide” behind my kid. I mean, I used to be really outgoing – able to strike up a conversation with anyone. But once I had my son, I noticed that people only asked me about him, not about me, and I would just fade into the background. But not last night. I had real conversations with people about all kinds of things – hardly any of them being diapers, milestones, or new teeth!

I may be getting the hang of this “being my own person while raising a person” thing.

I want new furniture

five catsWe have five cats. That’s right, five. A ridiculous number. And as you might imagine, they do a ridiculous amount of damage to our furniture. So some friends of ours are getting a new leather sofa this week, and I’m terribly jealous. Our couch, which is wearing it’s fourth couch cover in four years, is sadly damaged. Wood is showing through, stuffing is falling out, fabric is totally gone in some places.

But what’s the point of replacing it? Unless we found something with wooden or metal sides, there’s just no point in getting living room furniture only to have it ruined. In fact, my husband mentioned getting that infernal couch reupholstered this weekend, and again, I can’t imagine paying someone to cover the stuffing and wood, only for those crazy cats to expose it again.

If I could, I’d buy new living room, bedroom and dining room furniture. The only room I like is my son’s – and that’s because my parents bought him the most beautiful crib when he was born.

In the comments, my friend Lin mentioned having her furniture the length of her marriage. We actually never purchased any new furniture except our mattresses. In order to stay married, we had to upgrade from a queen to a king. But we’ve still got my two dressers from college that have been repainted at least twice, and which have never matched each other.  It’s all very tacky.

So here’s my dream furniture in photos (after the jump): Continue reading “I want new furniture”

Swiffer WetJet

swiffer So I bought a Swiffer WetJet today. I am a notoriously bad housekeeper…always looking for the quick fix or easy solution. I had hoped to find this in the WetJet. I’m a big fan of the Swiffer duster. In fact, I get almost as excited about dusting as the lady in the commercial. Almost. So I had hoped for the same great results. I almost got them. If it wasn’t for our dang FIVE cats, it would be a little miracle of modern convenience. But sadly, it’s no match for the tufts of cat hair billowing around the corners of my kitchen. I vacuumed yesterday with our ridiculously overpriced vacuum – the Dyson Animal. Another purchase that was supposed to solve all my problems for the low low price of $499. After emptying the canister five times during the vacuuming process, I thought I got all the cat hair off the floor. But, of course, I did not. And, of course, they never stop shedding. So as I excitedly opened my new WetJet today, I tried not to see the new tumbleweeds of cat hair. Then, as I squirted the solution on the floor, I tried not to see how the poor little pad is just no match for my cats. The commercial is right – it doesn’t push dirty water around the floor. But it does push the cat hair around.

Still, the floor is much cleaner than it was. That’s something.