better than cash

I’m always on the lookout for unique gifts. As I’m sure you are. This year, I’m making most of our gifts (sewing) and most family members are getting a photo book off of snapfish. But this new photo gift card might just be my favorite gift yet. Next to Oxfam Unwrapped, of course.

GiftCardLab lets you create custom Visa gift cards with your picture on them! How cool is that? So in addition to the custom stamps I want to order with my sweet kid’s face on them, the photo books I’m having made with my sweet kid’s face, now I can also send a Visa gift card with my sweet kid’s face! It’s like a dream!

Seriously, I love this idea. So much better than cash.

I guess you can also upload custom artwork instead of photos. How cool is that? I really really love this idea.

yummy recipes

Sometimes I post things that seem like a sponsored post, but they actually aren’t. Like this one – I love the container store (like, obsessively). Look at this cool link they sent me:

It’s all stuff you make and stuff into containers for gifts. My favorites are the easy play clay and the all-natural dog biscuits. I’m totally making those this year.

Now I have a reason to go to the container store :) As if I needed one.