The Price for Rosie

rosie true colorsLast week, driving in my car, I heard on the radio that Rosie was being considered to replace Bob Barker on The Price is Right. I read today that she has officially turned them down, and I have to say I’m glad. Not because I think she wouldn’t be great – because I think she’d be the best, but because it’s the last thing she needs.

The radio station I was listening to had people call in and say what they thought of the idea. There were about six or seven callers FREAKING OUT. I’m not exaggerating. Saying things like, “I’ll never watch that network again if they put that fat idiot on my favorite game show!” Okay – really? This is what people get worked up about? Poor Rosie.

That’s right, Poor Rosie! This country is so ridiculous. So she speaks her mind – you know, she was on a show called “The View” – what was she supposed to do, keep her mouth shut? And she’s a lesbian. Who cares! If she was gorgeous, no one would care. But since she’s just normal looking, people have a big problem with her.

I, for one, am glad she didn’t take the job. Who needs all that abuse? Good for you, Rosie!

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