Weekend Sew!

Earlier this week, I finished the binding and the label on my sister’s crazy nine patch (tutorial from Oh Fransson!). So it’s officially ready to mail. But I wanted to bring it with me to the weekend sew to have a show and tell, and I still needed to flickerize it. So here are some photos:

crazy nine patch-1

crazy nine patch-4

crazy nine patch-5

I had a ball yesterday sewing with some of the girls from the LA Modern Quilt Guild. Did I accomplish all the projects I hoped to? Of course not. Too much talking, not enough sewing. But I definitely had fun, and I always over plan what I can accomplish at these things. So here’s what I did accomplish – I got a good head start on my hot cross quilt. I have been inspired by Latifah’s amazing color choices, and am doing all kona solids, using coal as my base. These are 6″ blocks, and they’ll be sashed with more coal so the crosses don’t touch. I may offset them also, I’m not sure yet.


Over the weekend, I also assembled all the packets for my Bee Happy spiderweb blocks! Can’t wait to see how they come out. I’ve asked everyone to make one block each, and I’ll make the rest. So everyone got their 12.5″ coal square and 8 random strips. I tried to include some special fabrics – some of my prize Heather Ross prints and someone got a strip of FMF yellow seeds. Everyone got totally different fabrics, so I think it’s going to be great. I think I’ll need 20 blocks for a good nap size quilt. Also using coal on these – I’m going coal crazy, but I think it’s a nice departure from my white craze.

Bee Happy-2

3 Replies to “Weekend Sew!”

  1. This quilt is gorgeous! I am inspired to try this pattern now.
    Really impressed with your sewing productivity. How do you do it?? Sad to have missed the weekend sew…maybe next month.

  2. We missed you, Jane! I have found some renewed motivation because of the guild. And having a whole Sunday to sew doesn’t hurt! Mostly, my sewing productivity is really low…I just post a lot of pictures once a month or so to make it seem like a lot of progress :)

  3. Alana Topper says:

    WOW it’s just gorgeous!! I wish I could see her face when she opens her treasure box. You’re my inspiration Blabby ;o)

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