Yahoo! All Done!

Finished up my last 3 months’ worth of Bee Happy projects. I’m sad to say my LA Neighborgood blocks for Libby were kind of lame, but the others came about pretty good. I’m torn between being thrilled to have this monkey off my back and being sad I won’t be participating in the next round. I’m looking forward to their projects, though. Here are some pics of my final months’ worth:

Yolanda's blocks 03

yolanda's blocks-1

Liberty's blocks-1

Liberty's blocks-2

These were my favorites to work on – I may have to make myself a wonky log cabin quilt!
Janice's blocks-2_edited

Janice's blocks-1_edited

2 Replies to “Yahoo! All Done!”

  1. stephanie says:

    so pretty!

  2. hey – I LOVE your blocks for me! don’t knock them!
    the entire quilt is going to rock. I can’t wait to make it!

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