external woes

I’ve got an external hard drive where I save all my pictures. It’s about a year old now. It’s half full. For some reason, lately, I can’t pull things off of it. I have a bunch of pictures to put on Flickr, but each time I try to upload them, it fails. I tried to attach a document and that also failed. I’m so sad.

I also use Mozy, so I *think* my pictures are safe. I think, if my external hard drive has failed, that I can get a new one and download all my pictures from Mozy.

Ugh. How can I love technology and hate technology so much?! We lost a hard drive a few years ago and with it, we lost 4 years of pictures and all of my husband’s undergrad and half of his graduate course work. Serious bummer.

So now, I have an external backup, I store all my pictures on Flickr and I pay for offsite backups! It’s crazy. And what if my external hard drive is broken…what the hell do I do with it? Can you ever really wipe the memory of these things?

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  1. Friend with a web server, maybe?

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