What’s your opinion on Tiger?


Did anyone see Charlie Rymer start tearing up after wards? Give me a break.

It’s like when I watch politicians and can’t stand them and am amazed that people love them. Sarah Palin comes to mind. That’s how I felt watching this whole speech.

I’ve never been a fan of “it’s easier to ask forgiveness” living – I hope his sponsors don’t take him back because of this show.

It’s all VERY interesting from a PR perspective…I’m curious how it will all pan out. Will he bounce back? I think it will be a shame if he does, because it sends the message, “do whatever you want, say sorry, and you can have it all.”

How about the message, “make good choices?”


Come on, Rocco!

I’m not a huge golf fan, but I am a big underdog fan. One hole left…Rocco’s up by one, and in a bunker. My fingers are crossed! I should be working, but I’m watching the live stream on usopen.com.