ear buds

Is it just me, or are all ear buds uncomfortable? I spend a lot of time with my ear buds in my ear. Illegally driving with them in, drowning out Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train – but not my son, of course. I always have an audio book or a podcast going. Or […]


I hate having a red face. No matter what I try, natural acne treatment, unnatural acne treatment, I still have a red face. From everything I’ve read, you’re supposed to treat rosacea like super sensitive skin. Not use any harsh chemicals or exfoliants on it. The problem is that acne is a byproduct of the […]

vive la France

My mother-in-law will be leaving Paris this summer. She’s taking an early retirement, and will be moving back to the states. She’ll be renting out her apartment through a rental agency. This got me thinking…how does one find treasures like these? Reasonable places to stay in the middle of the city? Is it better to […]


Ugh. Baggage. More specifically, luggage. Remember a few months ago I spent a bunch of money on some fancy new Samsonite luggage? I had a cashback reward from a credit card, and if I traded it in for a voucher from a selection of companies – the amount was doubled. This is how I ended […]

The joy of work

For my part-time job, I make calls. I call about 75 companies a week with different purposes. Sometimes offering market research, sometimes scheduling appointments. But all the time, I have to wade through ridiculous voice mail systems. The worst are the companies that put the prompts for “personnel directory” at the very end. Say it […]

more hex progress

I’ve been plugging away on my hexagons. I started out using the English paper-piecing method, and quickly went to just sewing the hexes together. My process is placing two hexagons right-sides together, and placing a straight pin through the points at one end of a side of the hexagon. Then I start sewing a running […]

Water for Elephants

I just finished this audiobook and LOVED it! I’ve been seeing this paperback in Target and Costco for months, and for whatever reason, I looked it up on Audible. Because everyone loves a circus (actually, everyone except me – I find them terrifying), I used my monthly credit on it. And boy was I glad […]

Idol gives back

Did you see that ad where all the people go get their water in the jugs? And the mom gives her kids the dirty water? Gut-wrenching. How about Chase from House playing the violin? Awesome! I loved that whole number, with Teri singing and Mike (his TV name) playing the guitar. And I was super […]


I can’t believe I didn’t see this super nice post from Linshaolin earlier, but I’ve been so caught up in quilting guild stuff, that I’ve been missing my favorite blogs. I’m not sure what occasioned it, but Lin wrote a lovely post about me and my little spot in the blogosphere, and I’m absolutely touched. […]