fingers crossed

We’re waiting to hear on a couple job leads for my husband. One is close – the next county over. Two are far away. I’m really really hoping for the close one. I’m hoping we hear something in the next week or two so we can start getting moving boxes. I hate moving, but I’m […]

internal compass

My friend Sutefani and I were talking about how we’re geographically challenged the other day. I was telling her that during the Parade of Nations, there were a lot of countries that I had never heard of. I try to have a big world view, but clearly I don’t. So anyway, she mentioned that her […]

tv update (sytycd spoiler alert)

Of course I’m glued to the Olympics, but I’ve started Tivo-ing them because NBC is going CRAZY with commercial breaks. I think I’m just so used to the Tivo that I have no patience for commercials. Especially after each and every 5 minutes of Olympic coverage. I’m sure I’m missing really good Hallmark-esque Olympic moments. […]

gems on the web

Some good stuff online today…thought I’d share. The first one is for all my nerdy friends. The second one teaches the important lesson of don’t crap where you eat. The Hilton’s are big (financial) McCain supporters – he should have known better than to mock her in his ad. See Paris Hilton Responds to McCain […]

time wasters

As if I didn’t waste enough time on Flickr, iTunes and regular old Google. Now I’ve found this little game on Facebook called Word Challenge. I’m totally addicted. I’ve been playing for about two hours now, and I can’t beat Mike Holland’s score! It’s making me crazy. It’s more fun than riding a bike or […]

fall into fitness

Summer is almost over and we’re about to start our journey to being able to use the gym. I think this is going to involve going to the gym each day and sitting in the kid’s club (day care) for at least a half hour until my son is comfortable. I’m tempted to just get […]

cut wages

I can’t believe that the Terminator is cutting wages. I’m positive I don’t fully understand the situation, and I’m about to make some broad statements that oversimplify what’s happening, but how can those workers survive on lower wages? That’s really the best option to lower state expenditures? How about putting some tolls on the freeways? […]