follow up to “the talk”

So I sent that Obama email to some family and friends. I didn’t bother sending it to people that I already know to be Obama supporters. I also didn’t send it to the people who I know to be McCain supporters. I only sent it to people whose stance I didn’t know or if I knew they were still undecided. So I got a few responses…kind of unexpected ones. But interesting.

I posted the emails and my responses after the jump, but what it made me think of was a comment by Amy Poehler on a recent Weekend Update. It was the one after the VP debate. She said something like, “so, the winner of the VP debate was…whoever you already liked.” That’s exactly right, isn’t it? Who are all these undecided people they’re always talking about on the news, anyway?

So…here is a small example of the futility of political debate… Continue reading “follow up to “the talk””

The Talk

Here’s a slightly annoying little email I spammed to all my family and friends…thought I’d share it here too. Feel free to copy and paste it in a spam email of your own!


I’ve been thinking a lot about the election and how important it is to our families. Normally, I would spare you all my opinions, but this time, it’s just too important. I’m not really ready to make good on my threat to move to Canada should things not work out, so I figured I better start spreading the word.

I’ve decided to support Barack Obama, and wanted to let you know why.

There are many rumors floating around out there, so here’s some information about Barack’s positions on things I know are important to you:

— Economy:

Health Care:

— Education:

— Energy and the Environment:

This is probably going to be the most important election in my lifetime, and it’s something I strongly believe in. So let’s talk about it. Ask me anything.

Just in case you need info about voter registration, you can find out everything you need at, including the last day to register in your state.
Feel free to forward this email if you also support Sen. Obama. Whatever your choice, I hope you’ll participate in the process!

Why we love Harry

Our favorite CDs around the house are by Harry Connick, Jr., who I love with a white hot passion. Um, I mean, I think he’s pretty handsome. Anyway, we do a lot of dancing to Harry…here’s a little taste of my son’s dancing skills:

Owl’s Party!

So there I was, all proud of my own mini quilt, and then I get this in the mail. How lucky am I? I get the super cute chickens in August, and then get this precious Owl having a party for September. I love my mini quilt swap group on Flickr!
She also sent me some fun owly halloween socks!
A special thank you to JMBMommy…the fabulous creator of my quilty. I LOVE it!

my mini quilt swap group

I’m in a swap group on flickr for mini quilts. August was the first month I participated, and I made a pretty traditional pattern. By flickr standards, it was a dud. Only one or two comments. This month, with the theme of mushrooms and/or owls, I endeavored to have a much more successful flickr showing. So I decided to try my hand at an art quilt. I drew a little sketch, enlarged it on my scanner, and then cut out templates for raw edge applique. I have a ton of awesome fabrics that I don’t have a plan for, and I decided to cut into my gorgeous collection of Heather Bailey’s Bijoux and Pop Garden…it was actually kind of hard to cut into those pieces. Especially for little things like the snail’s head or the mushroom’s underbelly…it felt very wasteful. But I’m glad I did it! So here’s the result:
Here’s my sketch and and the back of my quilty – which are both pretty boring:


Next post – the awesome quilty I received!

old home week

A couple weeks ago, I traveled to FL for a work conference. First of all, as a corporate girl turned stay-at-home mommy, this was a wonderful escape. My awesome job put us up at the Hard Rock resort, a lovely establishment, and fed us like queens (and one lone king…until last week, we only had one male coworker). I had a ball. We got lots of work done, but we also did quite a bit of drinking, eating, and we saw Blue Man Group! In our conference room, there was this huge coffee bar set up – coffee, flavored syrups, hot tea, ice water, soda…I drank fresh coffee all day. I loved it.
As for the work part, I’ve worked for this company – which is strictly virtual – for almost a year, and this was the first time I had met my bosses and coworkers. It was so nice to put faces with names and acutally have a conversation with people without emoticons. I learned a ton of ways to work more efficiently, we came up with great ideas…it was invigorating.

Funny what a little adult conversation does for stay-at-home-moms.

I structured the trip so I could see some friends and family also, since I went to college in Orlando, and High School close by in Cocoa Beach. I got to see my grandfather in the nursing home, which was kind of awful because he didn’t recognize me. I got to see my best friend from high school, my best friend from college, I took a tour of my unrecognizable campus, and went up to Jacksonville to see my sister and nephews real fast. It was a whirlwind, but it was awesome. Here are a few photos:

Well, that’s probably enough for now. I’ve got some crafty pictures to post, so I better get to it :)

60 Minutes

So my favorite new podcast these days is 60 Minutes. The TV show. You can subscribe to get the audio version of the show on iTunes. It’s great. Except, I used to love Andy Rooney. Now I find him a little crochety, always saying mean and pessimistic things. I used to think he was funny – and I guess he still is, but more and more, he’s just sounding like a grouchy old Oscar the Grouch.

But I digress. Today’s topic is about Dubai. Specifically, I listened to a whole story about Dubai on a 60 Minutes episode. So interesting.

I mean, everyone has seen the pictures of “The World”. If you haven’t, you should definitely go to the website. Better yet, take a Dubai Holiday and check it out! Just kidding. I mean, unless you are able to do a Package Holiday Dubai.

Anyway, Dubai intrigues me. In case you didn’t know, Dubai is a city, one of the seven emirates and most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Prime Minister and VP of the UAE and the Emir of Dubai is Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. I find Sheikh Mohammed to be very interesting. First, he has two wives. One is his first cousin, and the other is the daughter of King Hussein of Jordan.

Basically, I can’t even begin to comprehend his life of royalty, immense wealth and power, vision for his city, etc. I am troubled by the seemingly total lack of regard for the environment in the creating of The World, and for what seems to be a pretty serious human rights crisis with the foreign workers doing all the building in the city. In spite of those things, Sheikh Mohammed seems to be accomplishing things one would think impossible in that region. His hope for good education, good healthcare, good LIFE for his people is certainly something I can get behind.

I would love to visit there. Maybe I can find Package holidays Dubai. Dubai is one of a long long list of places of the world I want to see.

I want to know more.